President Trump vs. Deep State Operators

First it’s one story then another.
The latest version? “Navy secretary threatened to resign over Trump's request, but not top SEAL commander: officials.” That’s the headline below, but the article doesn’t even back it up.

Here’s my take. The deep state political operators in the State Department, CIA, FBI, NSC, DOJ, and all the other agencies, including branches of the Pentagon, need to be shaken up to expose and smoke out every lifetime appointed, budget bloated bureaucrat, that doesn’t like this President. There are way too many little caesars who make their indignation against or outright defiance of Trump public. I used to pray for peace; now, I pray for uprooting and new planting.

Adam Schiff and his lockstep partisans and partners in the State Dept. and other agencies are in constant warfare to destroy this President. We see it! The intelligence community under Obama hatched a dangerous plan to infiltrate and take out a President they did not like. They knew it was a fraud and destroyed and bankrupted seven lives to get at him. They are essentially deciding to hurt and destroy anyone who helped Trump.
Roger Stones sentencing is a disgrace!

These are not misguided sinners; they are wicked and unreasonable men, the kind Paul prayed to be delivered from.
America may experience a great judgment in the future, but I do not believe that is the Father's plan now. I’m beginning to sense a shift. This President is trying hard to do right for no pay, and his enemies are no longer fighting him; they are “kicking against the pricks” and fighting God's anointing and mercy.

The boomerang has been thrown at Trump again, but it’s making its way back to the source. Impeachment trials in the Senate may be good for us. The Horowitz report is going to be exposing the FBI deception doctoring up FISA documents,  followed by the Durham report and criminal indictments. All this is coming down the track like a freight train and John Brennan, the CIA mastermind is going to be back on a hot seat.
Justice must be served because these folks acted dangerously, like corrupt cops planting evidence on an innocent person. If this isn’t dealt with by sentencing, then there will be no respect left for our institutions. The Leftwing could care less. It’s the rest of the country that must not see injustice and corruption rewarded, and righteousness fail.


Source: Navy secretary threatened to resign over Trump's request, but not top SEAL commander: officials. | Fox News

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One thought on “President Trump vs. Deep State Operators

  1. Totally right! God has given Christians the sword, the Sword of the Spirit, to remove leaders who will not do the right thing. The most powerful mountain on earth is the church mountain. It is NOT the government mountain. Why? The church mountain has access to the most powerful person in the universe, the Heavenly Father.

    For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. (Romans 13:4).