Palestinian Hamas says it is close to war with Israel.

Why this senseless attack? In the last 24 hours 420 rockets landed in Jewish neighborhoods.

One word: Iran. Iran is fighting a war by proxy against Israel through Hamas. Sad that President Obama flooded them with billions in cash in hopes they would become a kinder and gentler terror state.

Here’s my take – President Trump wanted to wait for Israel’s election before offering a peace plan to this conflict. Iran does not want a peace plan proposal that will isolate their influence. Therefore they are pushing buttons to kill that initiative.

This is big chess for big stakes and impacts the entire Middle East.

I don’t think Iran will come out on top. From a spiritual perspective, Haman is still trying to kill God’s people and abort God’s plan. It has failed against Trump domestically and will fail against Israel.


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One thought on “Palestinian Hamas says it is close to war with Israel.

  1. Dearest Lance,

    I was wondering if you would please watch this documentary on Israel-

    My concern is you have mentioned them as ‘Gods people ‘ in an article you wrote titled’
    Palestian Humus says it’s close to war with Israel ‘ you call them Gods people/

    The documentary gives biblical evidence that the Jews are not Gods chosen, only those that have accepted Jesus are Gods people…

    Please can you watch the video and respond-

    I enjoy watching your messages, however I am concerned with the Zionist approach-

    Many thanks

    Tons of blessings

    Lara Visser