‘New Yorker’ Mag’s Dangerous Game As ‘The View’ Scrambles For A Whoopi Cushion

The Left is going crazy. President Trump has a 45% approval rating amongst all registered voters. Yet The New Yorker plays a dangerous game by putting a horrible cartoon image on the cover… You need to contact them and complain. “Artist” Barry Blitt chose to draw our President with quite a horrible image. Just look!

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3 thoughts on “‘New Yorker’ Mag’s Dangerous Game As ‘The View’ Scrambles For A Whoopi Cushion

  1. Lance, I love what you have to say However, you most likely have been informed already but just incase you have not. The reference ti Trump beheading meme yoy got the name wrong it was Kathy(Obnoxious) GRIFFIN not Gifford. Also, John BRENNAN you called Brenner. It is on YouTube. Please correct if yoy can


    Before 1769 the word liberal, was not used in a political sense, but in a non-political sense meaning, ” characterizing some as being tolerant and generous befitting of one of noble or superior status in life. The source of feeling and thinking of one’s self as better than another person in society because of culture, economics or belief all have a common source: PRIDE. Pride traces all the way back before eternity when satan who was so self-enamored, he became full of pride which twisted his thinking and so led a rebellion against God and His Righteousness.

    Beginning in 1769 and thereafter, the term liberal from which is derive the concept of liberalism, was for the most part used now in a political sense by the Scottish historian William Robertson, who repeatedly used the word “liberal” in a political manner quite clearly when he wrote, “the spirit and zeal with which they contended for those liberties and rights and how a society of merchants…, could not fail of diffusing {spreading} over Europe new and more liberal ideas concerning justice and order.”

    In the late 1700’s to late 1800’s Merchants were gaining in societal status and becoming the so called elites. This is why we have to be careful to not let promotion lead to pride as it has from the earliest times of society. No wonder were suppose to be humble ourselves like Jesus and Moses did. Being humble clears one’s head of the nonsense of pride that leads to wrong thinking, and that if not dealt with in our own life, is vaporized by the reality of truth and justice in the after life.

    Now do you understand why liberalism as expressed thru the full-of-pride Democratic party is so twisted in their thinking that causes liberal to call good evil and evil good, to have, at best, illogical logic that makes one light-headed, to be so hateful, so seething with angry, so strong to defend the right to kill an unborn infant {as permitted by a United States liberal Supreme Court who pulled out of thin air, not out of the Constitution, a woman’s ‘right of privacy’ allowing women the right to abort their own baby}, to steal (REGARDLESS OF THEY LABEL THIS THEFT) one’s resources from ones’s hard labor and give as welfare to another who is healthy, while making the recipient feel lack of self-worth and cause the ones stolen from to wrongly look down on the recipient? (read Shelby Steele’s book, Shame written by a highly respected and thought provoking black man many Democrats despise.)

    The party that is so glad that God and the Bible and prayer as they use to be in schools, are no longer in public schools?

    Don’t get confused, this spirit of liberalism has extended itself for beyond politics, and even has crept into the pulpits of many churches..

    Remember, our Lord reminded us to pray for our enemies, not attack them physically as some of them do. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send forth Harvesters in this murky waters of liberalism.