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4 thoughts on “New Video! – The Bride, the Warrior, and the Statesmen

  1. I always appreciate your clarity and wisdom in this area. I am deeply passionate about seeing THIS message penetrate the high walls of the religious institution, so that we can see the Kingdom of God established in a very real way. Thanks Lance. Keep up the great work, my friend.

  2. Lance, your “parable of the three arrows” makes so much sense! I have felt these three “arrows” flinging around inside my heart, but haven’t understood what all the turmoil is about. Now, because you’ve shared God’s strategy with us, I can see and better understand what the Lord is working on in me. Thank you for your diligent work as part of our Father’s Strategic Command!

  3. Hi Lance,

    I thank you for your ministry, ever since i discovered you perhaps 5 years or more ago i have continually been impressed and influence and challenged. and also smiled at your humorous deliveries as well.

    I thank God for what you are bringing to the table in relation to Kingdom, Influence, Strategy, equipping and enlightening the mandate to bring heaven to earth etc.

    God bless your ministry and team, resources and everything you put your hand to

    Sincere regards in Jesus name

    Phil Dawe
    Queensland, Australia

  4. Praise God. The body of Christ is made up of many parts (giftings) that need to act in unity to accomplish… well anything. You point out the need for the different redemptive gifts to act in such a way, but we also need ALL the gifts to act period, with meaning and purpose in unity to accomplish God’s will. Thank you for being in tune with the Holy Spirit and having the courage to put it out there.