more More MORE!

“more More MORE!”

That’s the title of an out-of-print book I somehow lost while carrying it around. I miss that book. It had one key idea I loved and want to share, namely – ‘Rethink what you are aiming at!’

In fact the title shouldn’t have been “more More MORE!” but “Less Is More.”

Here’s why…

Multitudes of aspiring actors go to New York or Hollywood, seeking the big break where they can be a star. The truth is, only a fraction of a fraction will make it. But what if they had done what some of this author’s students did?

You’ll find your passion MORE than amply fulfilled if you could put your finger on what it is about the theater that draws you. If your passion is communicating and enthralling an audience with your oratorical gifts, don’t aim at a stage on Broadway; aim at a stage with an audience…anywhere.

So let’s think about that would-be actor or actress. What if your passion is moving an audience but your audience isn’t a theater but a devoted classroom? You would be happy! Or maybe you could be a seminar leader with an adoring following?

You would be getting paid to do what you love! You end up getting more of what you want, it’s just in a different context than you were aiming for. Get it?

You seek wealth but what you really wanted was something else. You wanted freedom or the ability to be home more with your family or a feeling of significance. You don’t really want fame; you want the feeling of significance because of the difference you made in other people’s lives.

What if you’re praying for something you think will make you happy but God knows what you’re really after isn’t going to happen if you get what you’re asking for?

Wish I could find that book. He said it more clearly.

You get the idea.

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