The Month of Acceleration and Manifestation!


Feel the pace picking up in the Spirit? As the Kingdom advances, life is feeling more and more like a rapid cosmic game of chess. Light moves…darkness moves…light moves again …darkness backs up. In chess, you see them hitting that timer after each move. Oh, the stress. 

But I see something happening. Suddenly the timer is working FOR YOU. There is an ALIGNMENT now taking place – on your behalf. Lots of moves God did earlier in your life are NOW making sense.

I HEAR – “Acceleration” and “Manifestation”

My friend Kim Clement says this is the month of “Issachar.” Issachar was the small tribe in Israel that actually knew what to do during the TRANSITION of events between David and Saul. The name means literally “HE BRINGS HIS REWARD WITH HIM.” 

Many Prophets spoke of camels coming into your life over the past year. For those looking for prophetic camels …open your eyes.

“Issachar” represents the people and ideas that are now arriving and bringing their reward with them….their gift. 

Accelerated wisdom comes to you this month for transition. Accelerated resources come also…money you needed for God’s vision to materialize. People you needed before, now start to show up. 

This month I will have an Issachar-anointed retreat at a Westin resort where we will focus on the BIG Dream God put deep down inside you. The dream you need an “awakening” to see clearly!

All the DREAM basics will be covered:
• Which action steps to take and which ones not to take.
( this week, month and quarter)

• When to focus on the details and when to flow with what is happening.

• How to wipe the slate clean and blast forward.

• How to align your “asking” with your “assignment” so
that your thoughts, words, and actions produce faster 
manifesting results.

The program is ABOUT TO CLOSE OUT and set sail….
Click the link – check this supernatural getaway out!

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One thought on “The Month of Acceleration and Manifestation!

  1. Excellent! Just last week God told me start thanking Him for the wisdom I had been praying for the last several months. #shift