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One thought on “Mario Murillo LIVE!

  1. Hello! My name is Demetra Arvanitidis, born again spirit filled physician from California…I have felt a spurring to get involved in politics and run for local office…hopefully move up to the federal level one day…I believe the Holy Spirit is spurring me to do this…I am praying that God opens the doors and gives me favor but sometimes i feel like it is an uphill battle…I have been attending my local Republican party meetings and even went to the CA Republican convention a couple weeks ago…the party is not united and worldly-wise, it is a sad, discouraging state but the Spirit is spurring me to keep fighting and attending meetings and learn as much as I can and run next year…but it is a spirit-filled Christian…i see that churches even are concerned more about attracting people and being attractive, ensuring the legacy of the church which is good but we need to unite and enter the political realm…i would like to target every church in orange county to ensure they encourage their congregants to vote and educate them about how to uphold key biblical principles through whom they vote for…thank you for your videos…i wish that you would form a coalition to help support and activate believers to enter the political trenches. Thank you