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14 thoughts on “Listen To This Testimony About The Supernatural

  1. I am so encouraged and admonished to actively believe Jesus for all that He has given us by The Holy Spirit and the power of His blood in His name!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Your censored Twitter feed was our source of truth yesterday. Please make all efforts to speak to the people often despite censorship. The line “fear will fear you” has great impact. Please be one step ahead of those who want to silence you.

    • I can’t say I have a comment. I have a Prayer request. I believe in God, I am saved. I have lost faith. My ex and I were very active in our church.. After 20 years he walked out on me for another women.. It tore me up.. I use to love Praise & Worship, I would cry out of being Thankful what God has done for me. After he left, praise & worship turned into my pain, I cried and hurt, so I stopped listening to it and stopped going to church. Its been almost 7 yrs. I can’t say for sure I miss him, I sure miss us.
      At times I would like to get into another relationship, then again not. I say God would have to hit me with a 2×4 before I would realize he has someone for me. Lol If I do!! He would need to be like My deceased brother in law Joe or my current brother in law Tex.
      Anyway Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

  3. I met Esther Mallet January 1, 1970 the night I left for VietNam. I was waiting for a friend in her living room in Long Beach, CA. Bunch of ladies there and I was kind of uncomfortable (she was getting her hair done and my friend had not shown up yet). When my friend got there I was itching to get to LAX (didn’t want to miss my plane) Esther asked me if I would pray with them and I said sure so she had me say a prayer then she had me say Hallelujah then she said keep saying Hallelujah so I did. It was very cool when God showed up and I got the gift of speaking in tongues. Amazing and she even had some personal prophecy for me about VietNam that came to pass.


    Thank you indeed ,Lance, for your godly wisdom.
    This is a tragically grandparent-less, fatherless and often motherless. generation, to an extent as never before, I believe.
    There are so many , many older folks who have wonderful stories of God’s faithfulness through their long lives, His guidance & encouragement and their handling of relationships and more.
    Let’s not let their experiences be unheard-in fact I would love to see a separate site run by some-one for this.
    And in Firewall or somewhere on your site, I would love to see older people interviewed-their understanding passed on as a gift to this generation-just as Moses, David etc recounted “God stories” to the Israelites.
    God created the family unit- let’s pass on more to those younger, and those thirsty for these living words.

  5. I praise God for you, the courage you demonstrate and your love for God. I discovered you on Andrew Wommack’s programming. Thank you.

  6. You and many other “prophets” have been on the frontline sharing what you think God has been telling you, but you have been wrong. That should tell you something and I would suggest that you pray, and understand that you may have been completely wrong. If you would permit, I would like to share with you why this has happened. In your good intentions you have been projecting your hope and optimism into whatever perception you have. God, however, has told us over and over again as with the major prophets Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah that many see without seeing and hear without hearing. You and many others have failed to listen to or see the message that God gave in His Word- specifically in His most important Prophetic Book for this time—the one in which He promises a Blessing to anyone who hears it, reads it, and understands it. This should have gotten you attention. Note these blessings are to be received before these events happen and to anyone who changes the message their will be a curse upon them.

    So many years ago, the Lord put a message in my heart that I reluctantly shared with the public in the form of a book, emails, and many posts on Facebook, Linkedin, and at two websites:, and My friend and I even spent many years sharing the message every Sunday at White Rock Lake in Dallas with our Answers on the Rock ministry. This sharing helped solidify and strengthen the message that God put in my heart. The Holy Spirit showed me powerful connections between the 3 most controversial books of the Bible: Genesis (evolution & God’s 1st Prophecy), Daniel (who saved Israel & Laid out the Timeline for the Lord’s 1st and 2nd Coming), and Revelation (which ties it all together in detail). This connection revealed in 2017 that an invisible or unseen attack was coming that would destabilize economies, nations (especially America & Israel), and would cause “new beginnings” at every level. This would all occur under the “shadow” of the Blood Moons and the Great American Solar Eclipse (both of which were heavenly-like shadows that were of unusual perfection).

    Many other events, signs, and symbols would point to the “countdown.” This is all recorded in the book Cosmic Crossroad Countdown which laid out a divine timeline in world history but also in present time. This is not a prediction of the rapture but of events that would foreshadow the coming 70th week of Daniel. One important thing to note is that Trump was not intended to usher in the 70th week and by this I have stressed for the last many months that God is in control and that things would get worse before they get better along with the need for President Trump to leave Washington for his own safety. He has now made things much worse for himself and his family.

    Everyone seems to want to treat these recent events as a normal cycle that will carry us through another Presidential term. That we can go about our business as if things will ease up and in 2 years the conservative movement will restore the balance. This will not happen nor will we see our lives returning to the normal we are expecting.

    With Regards in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Thanks!

  7. I differently loved hearing those young people testify about what Jesus has done in their lives!!!
    I would love for everyone of them to pray for salvation for my young people in my family!!
    I love what that one young lady said, Fear is going to fear us!! Amen and Amen

  8. I thank God for the word of God that you are bringing to us, it has strengthen my walk with God. I especially like to hear from the young generation and of course the older generation.
    The promises of God, the testimonies, and any teaching that will help me to grow in my walk with God. Thank you and God bless you richly!