Let’s Launch!

If you're going to be a strong apostolic voice, try to find a place where they worship strong and where you can have covenant friendships. There are too many critics of the modern mega church, and the fault line here is that Christians don't evangelize much. When was the last time you brought someone to the Lord?

So we have the mega churches but what about the micro churches. I'm going to be developing micro church tools in the coming months and give you the best I've got! If you put together the energy of the megachurch and the nuclear submarine of the micro church, they move together and we'll see transformation happen!

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One thought on “Let’s Launch!

  1. Hello Lance,

    I hope you receive this, because I am assured in Christ that’s its relevant to your life. I’m connected with Mario Murillo’s ministry, I don’t work for him but I do support him and spread his views, opinions and sermons on my website and he knows it. I was involved with your “Fusion Experience”(Kim Clement, Mark Chirona) from years ago helping to bring you 3 to Phoenix AZ, Mike Maiden’s church. I want You to know that I’ve got that same anointing again upon me, to “encourage You” to couple with Mario Murillo, in a type of Revelation 11: anointing and calling for this nation (USA). I can see it in The Spirit and feel it shut up in my bones, there is something BIG the 2 of U are suppose to do ‘together’ in a coordinated coalesced way. I am NOT the only one who feels this way, there are several others of us who do as well. CONTACT Mario, in Jesus name. Its the right time and hour in the Kingdom.