Look at this Pence article. This is what a Christian Statesman acts like. He extends grace.

I have no respect for the kind of people who would harass a nice guy like this when out for a night with his family. I mean come on. Even before i got saved I could see that a guy like Pence is just a nice Christian guy. What is it with these mindless liberals? What they have in common with each other is they have grown up ingesting the poison of anti American educators and their socialist text books. They frame a totally distorted view of reality because they get their news from propaganda elites at MSNBC and CNN. The left breeds lawlessness and a culture of agitated, easily offended intolerants who bully and harass as a core strategy to force you to comply. The exact opposite of what they accuse Pence of being.

I don’t know if it makes sense to #boycottHamilton but it makes sense to go and #pinkieapplaudhamilton – Im gonna go and applaud the pinko’s with my pinkies. Maybe its a trend that will catch on. Thats about as violent as conservatives get. We would never yell out something in a theater.

Click Here to read The Hill article “Pence: I ‘wasn’t offended’ by Hamilton message”

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