Lance “LIVE” in Charlotte! Comey, Clapper, CIA, CNN…

April 21, 2018

The Clapper Caper Update! PRAY PRAY PRAY!

Here I am live in Charlotte, NC. Now here’s the situation and it’s historic in it’s implications. James Comey in this strange narcissistic book tour that he’s doing on his subject about this, “Higher Loyalty” or something like that. He’s revealing his highest loyalty is to own his career and his ego. He, instead of protecting the President, is now having his memos released and he’s oblivious to it! His memos are revealing the fact that he understood that this fake dossier was already in the hands of CNN and it was James Clapper, the former CIA guy who’s working as a consultant for CNN, who communicated with them to get that paperwork in front of Donald Trump! Why?

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