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2 thoughts on “Lance Interviews David Harris Jr.

  1. God is certainly working! The wheat is being separated from the chaff. He extended us mercy with President Trump’s election, to give our nation a chance to return to Him and for Christians to wake up! Love listening to and following David and you! I’ve had an almost unquenchable thirst for God and bible study for many many months now-and it DOES intersect with politics more and more, and I try my best to put God’s truths out on social media. I tell people too to think about voting biblically- and the thing is, the current Democrat Party leaders and platform and agenda just doesn’t hold up to biblical or Godly principles. They are under the powers of darkness-almost like they’ve sold their souls out. But what amazes me is how blindly their supporters follow them-like the mice that followed the pied piper. So yes we all also need to be praying for God to destroy or remove those strongholds that have them to where they refuse to even research things the MSM tells them, refuse to even have genuine debates. Maybe God has given them over to their delusions tho for whatever reason. But the doom they want to bring our country-and by extension, the world, is horrific to think about although certainly would match up with true end time prophesy.