Jack Brewer’s Powerful Speech on Fathers

You don’t want to miss this speech about the importance of fathers. If you don’t have a father in the house you are five times more likely to get in trouble with the police. You’re four times more likely to live in poverty. President Trump is in Dallas to talk about the police and race relations.

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3 thoughts on “Jack Brewer’s Powerful Speech on Fathers

  1. Wonderful. My daughter is now 36. I remember going to her school when she was in 1st and 2nd grade because they had them saying a pledge every morning, that it doesn’t matter what other people think. It only matters what I think. I know what is best for me. Another year they had a new age booklet, one they didn’t bring home, but a workbook they worked through in the classroom. I remember opening it to a page where a little girl was gazing into a pool of water, seeing a reflection and asking it to guide her. On a different year they read them stories from a book about a school bus. I had to look up the name of the bus because I didn’t know what it meant, it was a sexual term. One of my sons was asked along with his classmates to bring in a barbie. They had a gelatine in which the teacher was having them chop off the dolls head. Now they are teaching horrible, unthinkable things in sex education classes. Education material with christian standards, both for moral & relational foundation needs to be implemented in every school, from k-12 age appropriate. Foundations to be rebuilt upon. We won’t have the #s in unwed mothers, fatherless children, racism or antisemitism. Yes, we set the standard at home and for so many precious children that don’t have it. We can do so much establishing those fundamental values in education in all our public schools.
    Thereby we won’t see socialism issues like we are today…”save the earth”. As Christian’s we’ve allowed the enemy to come in to channel the hearts and minds of our most precious gift from God (our children) to the enemies destructive thinking. Lance you are making a difference. President Trump is making a difference. May God bless and keep you for the glory of Christ house shall be greater than the former, shaking what can be shaken to establish what can not be shaken. You are doing a great work for His glory!

  2. Just saw Trump speech and the black folks talking. I pray everyone would finally get to understand each other and treat each other with respect . Every person of God deserves that
    This is actually my first time in my life I’m worried about our world. Equality Coronavirus Equal rights for Gays and President Trump. I’ve never seen our world like this in 65 yrs. Thank you Lance for doing what you do everyday for our country ????????????????????????