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Today I’m celebrating ten years of level 10 living with my son, Carl Wallnau. One of the reasons we’re talking about this today, especially with the election coming up, people’s minds get caught up in the weather. “Is Trump going to win?” “Is Trump going to lose?” “What’s happening with the chaos in America?” all of these worries create a disempowering state because something external has control over your state of mind.

You can not like something, but your ultimate level 10 life isn’t dependent on what’s happening out there, or you’ll forever be a prisoner of someone else’s power, including the devil. So we wanted to have this discussion. Now is the time to fortify yourself not to be triggered by what goes on out there.

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    • Hey Lance. I’m rather new to your teachings and books and I’m so grateful God led me to you. I’m one of those nameless, faceless persons who love all things God. The lord impressed upon me soon after he led me to your teachings to pray for you and your ministry every day as you are one of his beloveds. He loves your humor and your devotion to him. Thank goodness God has so many servants Like you in his arsenal. Thank you for inspiring so many of us

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    Cyrus Cylinder
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    The Cyrus Cylinder (Persian: استوانه کوروش‎, romanized: Ostovane-ye Kūrosh) or Cyrus Charter (منشور کوروش Manshūre Kūrosh) is an ancient clay cylinder, now broken into several pieces, on which is written a declaration in Akkadian cuneiform script in the name of Persia’s Achaemenid king Cyrus the Great.[2][3] It dates from the 6th century BC and was discovered in the ruins of Babylon in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) in 1879.[2] It is currently in the possession of the British Museum, which sponsored the expedition that discovered the cylinder. It was created and used as a foundation deposit following the Persian conquest of Babylon in 539 BC, when the Neo-Babylonian Empire was invaded by Cyrus and incorporated into his Persian Empire.

    Cyrus Cylinder
    Front view of a barrel-shaped clay cylinder resting on a stand. The cylinder is covered with lines of cuneiform textRear view of a barrel-shaped clay cylinder resting on a stand. The cylinder is covered with lines of cuneiform textBarrel cylinder of Cyrus (transcription)
    The Cyrus Cylinder, obverse and reverse sides, and transcription
    Baked clay
    21.9 centimetres (8.6 in) x 10 centimetres (3.9 in) (maximum) x (end A) 7.8 centimetres (3.1 in) x (end B) 7.9 centimetres (3.1 in)[1]
    Akkadian cuneiform script
    About 539–538 BC
    Achaemenid Empire [1]
    Babylon, Mesopotamia by Hormuzd Rassam in March 1879[1]
    Present location
    Room 52,[1] British Museum, London
    BM 90920 [1]
    1880,0617.1941 [1]
    The text on the Cylinder praises Cyrus, sets out his genealogy and portrays him as a king from a line of kings. The Babylonian king Nabonidus, who was defeated and deposed by Cyrus, is denounced as an impious oppressor of the people of Babylonia and his low-born origins are implicitly contrasted to Cyrus’ kingly heritage. The victorious Cyrus is portrayed as having been chosen by the chief Babylonian god Marduk to restore peace and order to the Babylonians. The text states that Cyrus was welcomed by the people of Babylon as their new ruler and entered the city in peace. It appeals to Marduk to protect and help Cyrus and his son Cambyses. It extols Cyrus as a benefactor of the citizens of Babylonia who improved their lives, repatriated displaced people and restored temples and cult sanctuaries across Mesopotamia and elsewhere in the region. It concludes with a description of how Cyrus repaired the city wall of Babylon and found a similar inscription placed there by an earlier king.[3]

    The Cylinder’s text has traditionally been seen by biblical scholars as corroborative evidence of Cyrus’ policy of the repatriation of the Jewish people following their Babylonian captivity[4] (an act that the Book of Ezra attributes to Cyrus[5]), as the text refers to the restoration of cult sanctuaries and repatriation of deported peoples.[6] This interpretation has been disputed, as the text identifies only Mesopotamian sanctuaries, and makes no mention of Jews, Jerusalem, or Judea.[7] The Cylinder has also been referred to by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran as the first declaration of universal human rights, a view rejected by some historians as anachronistic and a misunderstanding of the Cylinder’s generic nature as a typical statement made by a new monarch at the beginning of his reign.[8][9][10][11][12][13] Neil MacGregor, former Director of the British Museum, has stated that the cylinder was “the first attempt we know about running a society, a state with different nationalities and faiths—a new kind of statecraft”.[14] It was adopted as a national symbol of Iran by the Imperial State which put it on display in Tehran in 1971 to commemorate 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire.[15] On October 14, 1971, the Shah’s sister, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, presented the United Nations Secretary General U Thant with a replica of the Cylinder. The princess asserted that “the heritage of Cyrus was the heritage of human understanding, tolerance, courage, compassion and, above all, human liberty”.[16]

    Exhibition history
    The Freedom Sculpture
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  2. Hi, Looking for your new book on here and it isn’t mentioned?
    Please put it on here! I rather support you than Amazon.
    Appreciate you !