It’s Time To Get Involved – Will You Answer The Call?

Today I'm with Mercedes and Larry Sparks on our way back from the Global Summit, and Larry was in a meeting where Cindy Jacobs was speaking. Cindy's message was a very empowering word for the community. She has felt perplexed, agonizing over the state of the nation.

The Lord said, there are 7000 who have not bowed their knee to Baal in the nation of America. God was calling her to mobilize the remnant. There are those in our nation who have not bowed their knee, they have not compromised, and the reality is this, we must mobilize them.

The Lord said something to me I had forgotten. What He said is that the mistake my generation is making is an unbiblical separation of spheres, as though salt doesn't mingle with corruption, as though you don't rule in the midst of your enemies.

So we, the church, will have to get involved differently.

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19 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Involved – Will You Answer The Call?

  1. Lance, this was such a privilege to listen to you and your friends, Mercedes and Larry, sharing so many inspiring thoughts. Especially struck with what Hitler said to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and its relevance to so many of our modern-day churches’ attitudes towards ‘politics’, regarding political involvement as being basically unspiritual. I have found this to be so true in my experience unfortunately, even in ‘evangelical’ churches.

  2. Excellent , thank you
    I am one of the 7000 !
    I told my family and friends three months ago
    Black Lives Matter was the great falling away spoken about in the later days. Church people following a deceiving spirit
    I was provoked by watching my pastor and church not address any cultural issue
    No position of leadership to 75,000 people in the congregation of the mega church

    I realized the deception of all of the left as I watched the avoidance of my church and pastor
    I am just being honest

    • Back before the 2008 election I wrote a well known historian of the USA and asked him what do we “the church”do? The devil has a plan and has been working it. If you haven’t noticed, evil sticks together. The church is totally divided and Christians do not stick together. We are in real trouble! I asked him where we need to go to join our forces together as there is great strength when we are in agreement. I mentioned that if we do not wake up,the darkness is going to force us to conform. Of course I received a response that this is America and we don’t have to worry about that. We have to wake up. Someone has to come up with a God infused, Holy Spirit lead plan to push back the darkness. We are all conforming right now and we do not even realize how deceived we are with believing the world. Warriors arise! We are all assuming this is the end. Doesn’t the Temple need to be built in Jerusalem first before the tribulation? I know they have already found the unblemished red heifer that is needed to be sacrificed before the building can begin. Is anyone up on the rebuild of the Temple? We need to take a lesson from the Jews who are now fighting for righteousness.

    • It’s definitely time for the church to come together! I agree with this message and want to be a part of the movement to bring God’s people together. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!

  3. Thanks Lance for sharing. This week brought tears to my eyes to watch the news about the satanic church that was raffling off abortion’s and they were proud that abortion was one of their rituals. Iyiyiyi. Though I knew that was a part of satanic worship, it was disturbing that they are becoming bolder and no longer under ground, but raffling off abortions. The church has allowed themselves to be shut down and the devil immediately moved it. I did not see the satanic temple wearing masks. They were congregating. Why is the church not out raged? The church still has it’s head in the sand. The satanic temple is also raffling off college scholarships. Where is the church?

    • Lance,
      I believe what you are speaking is His still quiet voice. It is clarity. The silence about this is deafening! That is how we know it is Him. We are here to manifest HIS word, presence, and glory IN this earth! It is time. We are required as believers to stand and be of good courage!
      All the world voices, fear, and chaos have come in like a flood where even Christians are being carried with it.
      God is calling us out of that whirlpool to show up and live for Him and let His voice be heard through each one of us.
      Thank you for sharing His word and light with us.
      I am one of the 7000 !

  4. We (part of the 7000) who are listening and hear what you folks are saying. We agree whole heartedly but we don’t see any “mobilization” happening. We live in south eastern Michigan and we hear nothing from the church locally. How can we get the “Church” mobilized!

    We are God’s imagers on earth but we can’t have the kind of effect we need to have as individuals acting on our own! We need a way to coordinate taking the message Scripture has for today into the world. otherwise we are just loan voices crying in the wilderness!

  5. I just typed a pouring out of God’s Spirit to you here, and when I tapped I am not a robot…my entire email disappeared!

    I am so fired up by your words and occasional verse and comment on Facebook, which I share.

    I have a post you may be interested in. It’s about the mark of the beast!
    I’ll try to relay it. I’m 60 and no techno, you know?

  6. Thanks Lance. I am ready to be mobilized. It’s about time we as the Church do something!!! I love your messages and will be praying for you.

  7. Dear Brother Lance –
    I am one of the people you have been looking for. I am one of the remnants! And I am a power house Spiritual Prayer Warrior!
    The Lord has had me “hidden out” for the past
    few years “For such a time as this.” While He showed me just what is happening in America!
    I have tried to contact you several times, but my letters apparently went to your robot letter answerer  Your emails to me have been sabotaged!
    So has Trump’s campaign money requests.
    I was in the ministry years ago – but thought I
    was “retired” until He called me to pray for President Trump.
    I am volunteering now to join up with the group you are trying to put together, A formal resume will
    be sent to you if you would like one. 
    Daylynne Starr

  8. Lance,

    I’m sitting here with so much time on my hands as I’m unemployed while still giving to the campaign as much as I can monetarily but I’m feeling such strong conviction to do more as I’m of course praying fervently nonetheless.

    Do you have anything for me to do to help as I sit here perfectly capable to do either counter protesting pro life help etc.?

    I just feel like a sitting duck, so to speak and I really need & want to do more!

    I live in Frisco Texas but I can travel if need be.

    Tiffany Janbolat

  9. Dr Lance… I am very excited to hear this Word and want to be apart of whar ever you do! About a year ago The Lord spoke to me, ” The problem in America is not caused by the darkness. It has been caused because The Church is not letting its Light Shine. The Remn must must be the Army of The Lord and go forth into the world and SHINE,SHINE, SHINE! Love and prayers for you, Annabell, your family and staffs. OUR KING REIGNS. In Him Togrther!

  10. Yes, thank you so much! My heart and passion is into mobilization and discipleship as Jesus requests!
    This is our window of time! Let’s get moving spiritual soldiers. Prepare ye the way of the Lord!

  11. I am 82 and not able to do much, but I do intercede for our nation as passionately as ever. Your insight and understanding inspires me.