Somewhere between today and New Years you’re going to vow to do something different next year, right?

I’ve got one area I would like to share.

Had a really disturbing realization…it has to do with how I’ve seen believers treat other people in service industries. To be fair, I think I fall into this inexcusable mindset as well – and I know for a fact it is the operating style of friends and their assistants who pride themselves on getting stuff for the boss that other’s can’t get.

Specifically, I am talking about the way we treat people we do not know. Aren’t Christians supposed to be nice all the time?

You can be nice if you really want to. A patrolman who pulls you over (we are overrun with them due to excess taxpayer funding in Southlake Texas) may irritate you but if you’re like me you alway’s act surprised and dumbfounded when pulled over for speeding behind the Jonas Brother’s backyard.

How you see the other person determines how you treat them. Should we not see all people thru the grid the Apostle Paul taught, namely, “honor all men, love the brotherhood, honor the king”…?

If you see all the world as a battle of “us against them” you set up a contest where you “win” when your side get’s what it wants and thus treat “them” like an adversary.

This demanding attitude even shows up at Christian events! My wife has been horrified by the hail of abuse that hits a product table during a break at an event. It’s like “Black Friday” on Youtube. The only person more shocked than her are the people who bought product in the audience- when I finally get to introduce her. It’s like that verse about being careful how you treat strangers because they may be – “angels unaware.”

IF THIS SAYING IS TRUE – “How you do ANYTHING reveals how you do EVERYTHING!” – The final test of your character is revealed in how you TIP. In fact when I am with overbearing people at a restaurant I’ve learned that big tips cover a multitude of transgressions.

You never know whose watching. Being a public figure can be embarrassing. After near 2 million miles traveling, nothing gets me upset easier than being treated rudely by an airport TSA agent – the newly deputized front line protectors of airport traveling Americans. Never fails, ……in the midst of my grumbling over being told to strip for a metal detector (Did I say I’ve flown 2 million miles?) a voice might be heard from a fellow traveler or TSA worker: “are you Lance Wallnau?” This happens in Dallas a lot because I attend a large work called Covenant Church.


At such times I do what anyone would do…. shift gears, put on a friendly smile and become “nice.” Evidently, I can be nice when I want to.

I’m about to go to New York City this weekend-the ultimate “treat everyone nice” test! New York is tough. I don’t know if I can be nice to everyone… but for now I am going to focus on being nice to every person in the service industry.

pass along the holiday “heads up”….and watch out for police in Southlake. Just cause they all go to church doesn’t mean they won’t give you a ticket.


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