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7 thoughts on “Is God Giving Us More Time?

  1. Praying for you and your family and staff and all involved in the rallies today! God’s protection on you all!!! God bless you Lance and your team!!!

  2. I’m so glad to have found this, however, I lost all volume here almost immediately. Drat! I’m an American in Australia, and appreciate you keeping a line open.

  3. Hello Lance

    Thank you for bringing the truth and God’s word to his people.

    Trying to continue following your messages on Facebook. But I haven’t seen any recent post. Can you please send me your email address that I may follow just in case your messages get blocked please.

    Thank you, Monica

  4. Hi Lance,

    Is anyone going to go forward to find out about the Dominion Software? Will Hunter Biden messing with the Ukrainians on their Boards ever be addressed and will he ever go to jail? Will the US ever receive Hillary’s 300,000 emails from the Chinese.

    I feel that the entire government is corrupt. I will never want to vote again if the voting machines cannot be proven accurate. God does not like cheaters and I know He will take them out when it is the right time. I am very disappointed it the gross deception in this country. I believe these live-long politicians did not want a non-political candidate to come in office and show them up so badly as President Trump did. Satan has so infiltrated the Left that they are not only blind, but deaf and stupid. Can you think of a place we can all move to get a better way of life? Bless you, Joan