Impeachment Battle Update: Trump’s Ukraine transcript reveals bombshell neither side wants to touch

The Ukraine transcript contains four words that freak out Democrats and Deep Stater’s on both sides of the isle. What are these words? Crowdstrike, Biden, Barr and Giuliani. This is a subject both sides are uneasy with, for different reasons.

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4 thoughts on “Impeachment Battle Update: Trump’s Ukraine transcript reveals bombshell neither side wants to touch

  1. As you mentioned Russia in your talk, albeit briefly, I would like to share a letter I wrote to President Trump which addresses Russia, and America’s relationship with her, which is very important.

    There are other important points I’ve made as well, which are relevant and significant to America and her current situation.

    I’m just including the main body of the text without the usual greetings:

    “The course that you are currently walking to save America and therefore the world, is a veritable minefield and web of booby traps.

    Your enemies are desperate to stop you, and will stop at nothing to destroy you and America. The illegal crossing of your borders which is truly an invasion, is symptomatic of what is happening to your nation as a whole.

    There being an invasion of lies, fake news, humanistic ideologies and practices that are an anathema to Christianity and the ‘true’ American way of life.

    The unwashed hordes ‘who haven’t washed their robes’ and ‘are not entering the city by the gate’, are taking over America, mind by mind, heart by heart, body by body. God’s side is being overrun by secular humanism, centring on immorality. That is fornication of whatever persuasion. This is America’s real problem.

    Rev 22:14 “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. 15 Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood”.

    America must wake up to this reality. The real ‘cancer’ of this era we live in is immorality, that which breaks up families, destroys lives, damages hearts, minds and bodies, compromises people, and hence lays the foundation for even greater evil to come.

    If we treat our own bodies and other people’s bodies this way, which are the Temples of God (1 Cor 3:16), then we have already opened ourselves up to unwanted outcomes, invasions of our body to disease and unwanted pregnancies, and separating ourselves from God as Adam and Eve did.

    Similarly, America is being invaded by foreign elements, ‘organisms’ which wish to harm America’s heart, soul, mind and body, rendering America the host nation for a myriad of parasites.

    Shortly America will not be able to function, rendered impotent by these ‘foreign invading elements’.

    Both men and women must control their sexual organs until they are married in the sight of God. There is no such thing as ‘Free Sex’. There is a huge price to pay, as America is finding out right now.

    As I explained previously, the ‘Fall of Man’ was first of all, illicit sex between the Archangel Lucifer and Eve through their spiritual bodies, and then the physical sexual fall between Adam and Eve whilst they were still in an immature, imperfect state.

    This is what opened up ‘Pandora’s Box’, with all the horrendous and tragic consequences that we witness in the world around us today, and throughout history.

    America must repent like Nineveh, and your Administration lead a campaign promoting sexual purity, and abstinence before marriage. God can not deal with, and accept impurity and defilement.

    It is only through stable marriages centring on, and only on, one man and one woman, that families and society can be truly free and secure. Anything else is an aberration caused by the Fall, not God’s original design. Genesis 1:27

    Would God create an inherent contradiction, resulting in conflict in His own Creation? It is due to man not fulfilling his responsibility to keep God’s Word, that suffering, injustice, depravity and inequality came about.

    Our children are under threat, and many have already been destroyed through child sex trafficking taking place in, or going through America.

    Your enemies and the enemies of God are using illicit sex and depravity to destroy Western Civilisation; the sanctity of marriage, the family, and our children, they being the future.

    Now young children are being exposed to a barrage of damaging sexual material and conduct, as in ‘Drag Queen’ story time, aka paedophiles, and sexual indoctrination, beginning in elementary school.

    This is enslaving them into a cult of disorder and depravity from a very young age, so that they will be psychologically, spiritually and emotionally damaged for life, not able to confidently participate in society and enjoy normal human interaction.

    Americans should be ashamed of themselves, that this level of degradation has swept their country. Along with late term abortions, this is America essentially indulging in a form of ‘child sacrifice’ and abuse, metaphorically and literally, as the Canaanites and Incas practised to gratify some ruling priestly caste, and or their gods.

    The economy may be important, but it is not the most important thing. If you are destroying yourselves through rampant immorality, families are falling apart, and your children are being destroyed spiritually and physically, and you have diseases and drugs pouring into your country, then what have you really got, virtually nothing?

    Do you want to go the way of Rome and Greece and many other outwardly prosperous nations throughout history, but inwardly were ‘whited sepulchres full of dead man’s bones’? As Jesus said:

    Mt 4:4 “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”.

    That being the Ten Commandments and the Gospels. It’s nice to call out Jesus’ name, but who is living by the Word of God that Jesus taught.

    As the King of Nineveh lead the people into repentance, and as King David adorned ashes and sackcloth to publicly repent for his sins, President Trump also needs to lead such an initiative to stir the hearts and minds of the American people to remember who they are and what they were called to do.

    The Kingdom of Heaven begins with repentance, as both Jesus and John the Baptist exhorted the people to do.

    America is now playing catch up, trying to return to the nation she once was, favoured by God and experiencing God’s blessing, not God’s curse as is currently the case.

    America must make an offering as God charged His prophets and the people to do. America herself must be that offering, divided, placed on the altar, with good subjugating evil. The right hand side of the offering is placed on top of the left hand side. God’s people can no longer be lukewarm, but burning hot to do God’s Will.

    The American people, and President Donald Trump, must now continually seek and speak of God and God’s Will, nothing else truly matters as we seek first God’s Kingdom. What else could be more important?

    This is your destiny, and why God called you, for no other reason. You must be united in heart with Jesus and your Father in Heaven, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”.

    I would like to address another issue of major importance concerning securing God’s family, that is security for the world, and prosperity for all.

    The red flags, red herrings and flares you have been experiencing, will only intensify, to obscure, and distract you from accomplishing what you need to be doing in accordance with God’s Will right now.


    The Fall of Man was about a family and the relationships within that family, not money, wealth or resources. The destiny of the human family lay within the relationships of that family.

    Adam and Eve severed their relationship with God, and in the next generation the children severed their relationship horizontally with each other. That also took away the chance for reconciliation and healing for the fallen parents Adam and Eve and their relationship with God.

    That is what matters most. Technology, business, science would all follow in due course centring on a true sinless family, as God had originally intended. That is why the Third Blessing, having dominion over the natural world followed the first Two Blessings, be perfect (fruitful), and marry, forming a family (multiply). Genesis 1:27-28

    On the foundation of the first two blessings being accomplished, the third would naturally follow. Fallen man however emphasizes the Third Blessing which has come to mean coveting the physical world, controlling and dominating it, and ‘storing up treasure on earth’. The physical world, materialism, mammon, gluttony, lust etc, became a poor substitute for God’s love after the Fall.

    That is why Jesus said, “Seek first God’s Kingdom, and ‘all these things’ will be added unto you”. God’s Kingdom is foremostly the first two blessings, then followed by the third. God’s Kingdom is individual perfection, then marriage and family. That is where the Kingdom first begins, not with some nation having vast wealth and resources. That is why Jesus also said, ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is in the midst of you’, in your heart, and in your relationships.

    Cain was the older brother, and he was dealing with Satan. Abel the younger brother was dealing with God, due to the order of the Fall.

    Therefore God could accept Abel’s offering, but not Cain’s, due to the position each brother stood in, not the ‘quality or type’ of offering made.

    The younger brother having received God’s Blessing should have gone to his older brother and comforted and supported him, and helped the older brother make his offering to God. That could have been accomplished in various ways, but suffice to say, they needed to co-operate.

    Cain also had the responsibility to control his feelings of resentment and anger, ‘Sin is couching at your door and you must master it’. Ultimately Abel didn’t support his brother, and therefore Cain overcome by his resentment and anger killed Abel.

    Had they united, God would have been able to lay the foundation for the Messiah to come at that time, as the foundation for having overcome Satan’s rebellion against God, and Satan spiritually killing Adam. By virtue of Cain killing Abel physically, he was repeating the Fall.

    Fast forward to Jacob and Esau, this being the historical parallel for the Cain and Abel situation. Jacob the younger brother, Esau the older, Jacob was able to gain the Birthright and the Blessing from his Father instead of Esau the older brother. The birthright should go to the older son.

    Again like Cain, Esau wanted to kill Jacob, so Jacob’s mother Rebekah helped him to escape and he went to Haran and lived with his Uncle Laban. After 21 years of drudgery, betrayal, and hard work, Jacob was able to secure a veritable fortune under Laban, and return to his homeland. (Your own life and Presidency mirrors Jacob’s course)

    On approaching his homeland, Esau having heard of his brother’s return, assembled an army of 400 men, and set out to kill him.

    Jacob having suffered for those 21 years came to know the heart of God, and had gained great faith and wisdom. Jacob sent forth servants with livestock as gifts for Esau, and he himself bowed down seven times before his brother.

    Esau’s heart was deeply moved and he rushed forward and embraced Jacob, securing the foundation of sibling unity, which represented the unity of Cain and Abel.

    Therefore Esau overcame Lucifer’s desire to ‘kill’ Adam, and Cain actually killing Abel, so that on this foundation God could then prepare to send the Messiah.

    However, God could no longer send the Messiah to just a family level foundation, he needed a nation, as Egypt and other nations had risen up that would quickly kill the Messiah on a family level foundation alone. A nation was needed to protect the Messiah, and also accept and follow him.

    This is how God’s work throughout history has also advanced with many wars and battles, including WW1 and WW2 to separate man from Satan’s side, and establish a righteous people to receive the Lord of the Second Advent, hence also ‘1776’ and America’s founding.

    Satan has continually worked, as he is doing today, now through the Globalists, to destroy that foundation, that people, and the Messiah himself. That is Satan’s agenda, the same agenda as when he deceived Adam and Eve in the garden with a lie; today’s media propaganda, inversion of truth, moral relativity, gender distortion, cultural Marxism. This is Satan’s complete arsenal of lies and false flags coming to the fore, so that he can reign supreme, killing the heir and successor.

    That is where we are today. America must become the heir and successor of God’s birthright, and follow Jacob’s course.

    America is in the position of Abel, and Russia, Cain. Remember, these are providential positions, ‘representing’ relatively the sides of ‘good and evil’. Cain was still God’s son as Abel was, but Cain was put in the position to deal with Satan, and Abel God, similarly so for Russia and America. Both are essentially Christian nations, both seeking their own autonomy, independence, national identity, and prosperity.

    God is wanting to bring these two countries together as ‘brother nations’ through President Donald Trump. This would be the brothers Cain and Abel, uniting together in heart, working together, making that heartfelt unity that would uplift the world, liberating people from oppression and tyranny as the model and prototype for that. “Love your enemies.” Luke 6:27-36. This is the natural subjugation of Satan.

    This will generate untold prosperity for everyone, as would have been the case in Adam’s family had they not fallen. God’s love and blessings would have multiplied throughout the world, based on that ideal family, and those ideal relationships.

    This would restore on the worldwide level the division between Cain and Abel, and the Archangel attacking Adam and Eve in the Garden, that also being, God’s Ideal, the Kingdom of Heaven.

    President Trump, you must go beyond all this running interference that began with the ‘Russian Collusion’ lie, and now the many other things they are throwing at you. You have to virtually ignore them, and go for the ‘prize’ of meeting with President Putin and uniting these two brother nations to accomplish God’s Will and go to the next level.

    This will dramatically change the balance of power in the world to God’s side, and then other nations will automatically begin to fall into line as those nations that have been allied with either Russia or America see the ‘wind shift’, and the huge blessings and prosperity that are coming both spiritually and physically.

    President Trump and President Putin must come together, and work for the liberation of humankind. In that unity will come God’s ‘super-blessing’ for everyone, following ‘the fishes and loaves’ paradigm. The unity of our hearts drives true prosperity and economic success. This will open up the way for limitless energy for the world, and vast resources to house, feed, and take care of everyone.

    America and Russia can build the Bering Strait Bridge/Tunnel to externally and internally unite the people of the world.

    (*Isaiah 35:8 “And a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the Holy Way; the unclean shall not pass over it, and fools shall not err therein”.) *Added

    When humanity works together and there is no longer war and conflict, the end result will be beyond our wildest imaginings.

    Accomplish this President Trump, and we will see incredible changes taking place throughout the world, and among God’s children.

    As God is working with you and has been spiritually preparing you, Amos 3:7, these ideas will be caught by your heart, as seeds fall into fertile fields and bear great harvest.

    God’s blessings are poised to pour down upon the face of the earth.

    As you stated, “I want victory for the world”. May 9, 2018. As in, “For God so loved the world”. Jn 3:16.

    This will be the substantial implementation of God’s Ideal and His Kingdom.

    God bless and guide you!

  2. Christians have to step up to the plate and support Donald Trump. Moses who was ostensibly an Egyptian Prince denied his ‘princely trappings and wealth’ to side with the Hebrews having the heart to free his Hebrew brethren. Did he have to?

    Cyrus the Great, a Persian King, a non-Jew, supported and helped the Jews return to Israel and re-build the temple.

    Jesus came to the people of Israel to liberate them and all mankind from slavery to Satan. They did not know the time of their visitation and killed their Messiah, their true King.

    Now Christians were being persecuted and killed under the Roman Empire, martyred, (compare Hebrew slavery in Egypt), till finally Constantine, again a pagan Emperor liberated them, and paved the way for Christianity to become the State religion.

    Martin Luther initiated the Protest Reformation to once again liberate the people, this time from ‘ecclesiastical slavery and tyranny’.

    America was founded by God to be a Christian nation to do what? Welcome the Lord of the Second Advent as Israel was to welcome the First Advent. They didn’t. Just as Israel on many occasions disobeyed God and worshipped false gods, what is America doing today with it’s hedonistic culture, getting worse by the day?

    Remember, it wasn’t the every day Jew who caused Jesus to be betrayed and killed, that was achieved by the so called religious and political leadership. It was their failure to keep the ‘Word’ which in fact means Jesus, that brought about his death, and then their own devastation as Jesus prophesied.

    Lk 19:41 “And when he drew near and saw the city he wept over it, 42 saying, “Would that even today you knew the things that make for peace! But now they are hid from your eyes. 43 For the days shall come upon you, when your enemies will cast up a bank about you and surround you, and hem you in on every side, 44 and dash you to the ground, you and your children within you, and they will not leave one stone upon another in you; because you did not know the time of your visitation.”

    So regardless of whether you were a good practising Jew at that time, now your fate had been sealed by others, who did not have faith in, nor love for God, and could not accept Jesus, the Son of God. This was beyond tragic as history has revealed.

    Similarly today for Christians, your fate will be determined by your ‘religious and political leaders’, as it was for Israel, whether it was Babylonian Captivity and Exile, or the horrors of 70 AD and the ensuing Diaspora, you and your families could suffer the same fate. We have also witnessed what happened during World War 2 to the Jews, and to Christians following the October Revolution in Russia and the Cultural Revolution in China.

    You and your families could also be marched to death camps, if you too do not know the time of your visitation and support this President, understanding what is at stake right now. You can be a martyr and watch your children and grandchildren die, your spouse, your siblings, your parents also.

    Isn’t it better to protect yourselves by protecting and supporting this President, whom God has sent as a liberator to you in this day, instead of those people who complain about him as the Hebrews, Israelites complained about Moses, prolonging their Exodus into Canaan, all of them dying in the wilderness except for Joshua and Caleb, the two ‘faithful spies’.

    Our lives are just a repetition of history, different actors, but the same processes with similar events. God worked to a formula in creating the Universe and His children, and then in re-creating them after they fell. God is the number one mathematician and scientist.

    Christians must go to the Capitol and ‘call out’ Donald Trump’s name, not Barabbas’, whilst the ‘high priests’ try to condemn him and have him sent to his ‘execution’. His ‘execution’, impeachment will also be ours. As he goes, so will America, especially Christians, because Satan hates us more than anyone.