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14 thoughts on “I’m unsupervised and accidentally launched this – lets go for it!

  1. This broadcast was very interesting and makes sense to me about what is happening. I’m fairly new at listening to your broadcast, but I find it exciting, informative, and right on.

  2. Your dimensional pull message was fabulous. I would love to hear more but the Sand Diego Dream Trip is out of the question for me right now. I hope you will make it available to those of us who cannot attend your meeting. I so enjoy listening to you. Thank you for the courage tto speak truth even though it is not popular to do so. Trolls abound but you push through anyway. Thank you.

  3. This morning after praying in my prayer language and before seeing this broadcast jI began to earnestly ask Papa God to bring heaven down to Earth. I also began to pray over the church, the “bride of Christ” to focus upon “being the hands and feet of Jesus” per Franklin Graham instead of internal issues.
    Many need the love of Jesus. How can the church focus upon her mission when Israel and the USA are trying to protect themselves from hemorrhage at the border? This border issue causes chaos within the church. It shouldn’t. I was given the scripture “For thou O Lord has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. 2Timothy7:1

  4. Wherever this was, I’m glad you shared it on the email. Great stuff! I’m fascinated by the dimension pulls you drew out. It makes so much sense! Please share more. I wish I could attend a conference, but am unable at this time. So I gobble up you video content!

  5. As a Pastor, I am encouraged to hear your words and the topics you present. Thank you for being Kingdom minded and Holy Spirit led. My goal is to teach and focus on end times as we ready ourselves for His Soon Coming! Jesus Christ is the Way!
    Pastor Matt Lowe
    Journey Christian Church

  6. I agree 100%. President Trump will be reelected. Listen to Kim Clements prophecies. President Trump is gonna be ok becsuse he is God’s anointed. You will be ok as well.

  7. Would love to attend your dream trip but will be in France at that time, if you sell Videos of event, would be interested.

  8. I got it via email. I almost thought Judge Jeanine was our Queen Esther… The Big eyed woman. Love her. She’s now got the Saturday nite slot on Fox. She’s our “brown eyed girl” from the song, for sure.

  9. I already get your letters and comments thru Elijah list enjoy the topics, an conversations

  10. Your dimensional pull message was fabulous, I agree with Mary. I received a revelation in 1996 of
    operational spheres of the spirit (with scriptures) that number 12 and cover the globe which was divided by the cross, east and west and north and south into 12 sections. After listening to this again maybe you can consider also for the power of the pull to the future at this time, the two dimensions of color and sound. Thank you Lance for your teachings, I have followed for years.
    (Romans 8: 38-39)

  11. Was on your earlier post, which got covered with ads that I kept closing out. Just FYI. Don’t know if that was the issue. Glad I found this post. GOOD stuff. Hoping to see you in San Diego.