I’m Alive And Thankful For Your Prayers

I wanted to thank you all for your prayers while I went through my shocking surgery last week, it was quite a ride! I came out of it fast because of your prayers and I'm probably in better shape now than I was before.

God is moving and a lot of people are going to ignore the call.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Alive And Thankful For Your Prayers

  1. Dr lance .As I was praying ,Holy spirit showed me the you are endangers spiecs to teh enemy .
    He gave me prompt to pray regualrly dialy for your minsitry with my prayer team at National house of prayer SRilanka 24/7 . We are continue to intercede for protection from Anxiety , and His Blood to cover to thousand of ar miles ! Be blessed

  2. Lance ~ Christians and the Bible are the only perceived enemy standing in the way of the New World Order ~ We don’t really know how much time we have ~ are you aware of the book “Who killed Uncle Sam “ ~ I just heard South African Pastor Howard Rodney Browne on the JB show … Holy deep state secret society crap Batman ! Is “the church” prepared … if we do not stand in solidarity and unity with the churches ~ across-the-board in spite of diversity division differences we can kiss it all goodbye …

  3. You didnt do anything wrong The problem is that you are being productive for Gods Kingdom!!! As you know, our enemy hates people who are being productive for the Kingdom!!
    God came into my room in the middle of the night & showed me my future in a video type vision.
    Called me by name out loud & said, “This is a spiritual Dream!” He told me I had a Worldwide Evangelical & Healing ministry and showed me a team that traveled with me. Told me He had given me 23 nations & then showed me an Eskimo. (Not a Nation)
    I wont go into detail about what transpired in my life after that was spoken out loud on the earth. But one of the things that happened is that shortly after that, I was on a trip, out of state, when my appendix ruptured. Had accute Gangrene, Accute Peritonitis, and all that goes with that.
    Like you, in a sudden life & death situation. Was supposed to be gone 9 days & had to stay 6 weeks in order to heal enough to travel.
    Didnt know the doctors or the hospital, etc, etc.
    Came to out of anesthetic with the doctor patting me on the check asking me if knew God personally .
    I said yes.
    He responded saying that I surely must know God personally because there is no reason I should be alive. Went home after the 6 weeks & have no side effects & have continued my ministry. God is Good!!

    My son played Ice Hockey as a young man & never touched the ice without being
    double teamed. The way I see it those who are productive for the Kingdom are always double teamed.

    I enjoyed your “Pentecost Live Webinar.” You touched soooo many lives.
    There you are being productive for the Kingdom!!