I’m Alive And Thankful For Your Prayers

I wanted to thank you all for your prayers while I went through my shocking surgery last week, it was quite a ride! I came out of it fast because of your prayers and I’m probably in better shape now than I was before.

God is moving and a lot of people are going to ignore the call.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Alive And Thankful For Your Prayers

  1. Dr lance .As I was praying ,Holy spirit showed me the you are endangers spiecs to teh enemy .
    He gave me prompt to pray regualrly dialy for your minsitry with my prayer team at National house of prayer SRilanka 24/7 . We are continue to intercede for protection from Anxiety , and His Blood to cover to thousand of ar miles ! Be blessed

  2. Lance ~ Christians and the Bible are the only perceived enemy standing in the way of the New World Order ~ We don’t really know how much time we have ~ are you aware of the book “Who killed Uncle Sam “ ~ I just heard South African Pastor Howard Rodney Browne on the JB show … Holy deep state secret society crap Batman ! Is “the church” prepared … if we do not stand in solidarity and unity with the churches ~ across-the-board in spite of diversity division differences we can kiss it all goodbye …