If It Scares You It Might Be A Good Thing To try

If-It-Scares-YouIf it scares you, it simply means you are doing something you are not yet comfortable doing. That’s all. It does not mean you will get hurt and it doesn’t mean you are not courageous. In fact, nobody is really courageous if they feel no fear. The courageous person is the one who does not let the fear they feel control them. In fact every time you move toward the thing you fear, you expand. Every time you do the thing you need to do in spite of fear, you redefine who you are to the one person whose opinion matters most – YOU. Every barrier you break, every fear you overcome, makes you larger on the inside.

What other people think is of little account as long as you guard the reputation you have with yourself. If the thing you are dancing around is not something that is going to cause you physical harm, you need to ask yourself – who will I become if I do this? Every reward you have in life is attached to your growth and your greatest growth comes when you risk something. And courage is not always a physical test. Some are physically courageous but timid in expressing their feelings or having that courageous conversation they have been avoiding. If it scares you – you should look at it twice and ask, “if I do this thing will it make me larger?” If the answer is yes – do it.

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