I see a plan unfolding…

It’s painful, I know, but I see a plan unfolding…

The Leftist media can’t get enough of the four foolish freshmen who feed their frenzied news cycle – but it’s actually working to our benefit. In an accident of providence or genius of political instinct Donald Trump has now consolidated Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party with the four faces of the apocalypse.

What nobody notices is that the Democrats seeking to run against Trump (Kamala Harris will probably win) are not in the news and when the front runner emerges they will of necessity have to be the lead horse aligning the other four.

Now, if I am correct this will be 5 women plus Pelosi. I’m not sure what Spirit is at work here but I see Jezebel. This spirit seeks to divide the nation by stirring hatred between genders and race. It’s a spirit of strife and division married to witchcraft (manipulation, intimidation and control.) It’s all about the acquisition of power. Jezebel was married to “conflict avoid” APATHETIC AHAB the perfect description of most “do nothing,” and “don’t rock the boat” never-Trump Republicans.

These 5 women (Harris and the 4 faces of the apocalypse) cannot be stopped by human power. It will be as it was in cycles of history past, an Elijah confrontation. The spirit of Elijah was Gods antidote to the apathy of Ahab and the false prophets (media) and doctrine (politics) of Jezebel. Hillary was the last embodiment of this spirit, now it comes back five times stronger to take America down.

BUT I think this moment will be different in that the spirit of Elijah won’t counter the five forces of Jezebel with Jehu alone (Elijah anointed Jehu to deal with Jezebel) it will be the Elijah mantle coming in BOLD WOMEN who rise up as voices now and who run for Congress November 3rd 2020.

Source: Helen Raleigh: ‘The squad' is now the face of the Democratic Party and that means Trump's gonna win | Fox News


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