I Found Something Strange Going On In My House Tonight

I discovered something strange going on in my house tonight. Meet my wife Annabelle, and her vision for going house to house over the next 48 hrs bringing joy to single Moms and their children who may or may not have a whole lot of resources going into Christmas. This is her outreach called “furnishing families” and this is some bootleg video of her operation in Texas.

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4 thoughts on “I Found Something Strange Going On In My House Tonight

  1. I love this. <3. So very beautiful. God bless you as you extend God's love to the less fortunate in your area. I am honored to work with a homeless and indigent ministry. Many Blessings in the new year

  2. I had the opportunity to watch you for the first time on the Jim Bakker Show! I was overwhelmed by the revelation you gave! I am very interested in prophesy! I am a 71 year old widow, and have been a Christian most of my life! I thank God for people like you and feel very blessed to have heard you tonight! I would love to continue to follow you’re teachings! Thank you and God Bless!

  3. Greetings to you and your family, Lance. I first listened to you broadcast about a month ago and enjoyed your commentary. I appreciate your support for the President and your intelligent analysis of what is happening in DC and how it might effect the final outcome of the election. As I was not familiar with your work, I looked around and found little about your ministry, however, I recalled that you had mentioned a few of your friends who are also active in the tele-ministry business – Kenneth Copeland and James Baker, and that gave me reason for pause. Although relatively well educated, one wouldn’t consider me a MENZA candidate. I do, however, posses a respectable amount of common sense and a healthy history in discerning the character, spirit and legitimacy of people in your line of work, and have found Copeland and Baker wanting in integrity. The most notorious of the TV Preachers has to be Mike Murdock, whom I had the pleasure in rocking his cotton-picking, con-artist world of deceit; for a period of time a few years ago. Now, I assure you, I’m not a bully nor a disgruntled former follower; I’m a Christian patriot and decorated, fully retired, disabled combat veteran with 26 years service in the United States Air Force; that should at least a speak a little about my character. I’m sure your wondering why I’m telling you this. I’m writing to tell you that I am convinced at this point, to become a member of your organization, as I really enjoy your political editorializing and subtile, off-beat sense of humor and it’s nice nowadays to locate smart programming thats not full of nonsense. That said, I really hope you are as genuine as you appear and that you aren’t, in actuality, a rat in a sporty neck tie. Reason being, I take seriously and rather personally, any form of ill-intent, cunning or false-pretense levied upon modest, humbly-set, kind hearted souls; particularly women and old folks; to fraud them out of their often, very limited income. I hope you received this message in the spirit and intent in which it was sent.

    With Warmest Regards,
    G. R. Andrews, Riverside, California