How to Survive an Attack

I was all the way on the other side of the world, in Singapore, when the Las Vegas shooting happened. Distance did not matter. I had all the same reactions as if I was at home… That’s one of the added pressures of the “last days” – technology. We are connected to the entire planet and exposed to trauma 24/7.

You can be susceptible to increasing layers of fear and anxiety wrapping around your soul… Unless you know how to bounce back FAST!

Jesus gave you a secret to surviving your worst attack.

On the night of His greatest ordeal He said, “… the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.” John 14:30

I love how Jesus positions Himself before the battle. He says, “The prince of this world is coming BUT he has nothing in me.” This is important. Your greatest battles, your greatest challenges, your greatest hours of temptation are dramatically reduced when the enemy has nothing in you.

The language in Greek could be interpreted, “No hook in you.” No area of hidden agreement with your enemy.

If you have a hook in you the enemy can use it to manipulate, intimidate and dominate you. People and circumstances, real or imaginary can jerk you around emotionally in multiple directions.

No one is exempt from testing and temptation but at the same time no one needs to fail.

I remember seeing Kathryn Kuhlman once talking about how to stand in the battle. She planted her feet firmly in place and said, “You do not have to go down in defeat for one split second!”

This new series on, “Breaking Controlling Spirits” is 90 minutes of powerful keys and testimonies that literally impart to you the “spirit of might” which is a disposition that makes you immovable and unbreakable in the midst of battle.

This year is your year of inheritance. This is the time you recover ground you’ve lost in previous battles. It’s your time to break every chain and be delivered from every hook.

This series is the antidote to the bombardment of toxic and negative news. Never again let your joy cycle be manipulated by the news cycle. Get “Breaking Controlling Spirits” at

Lance Wallnau

P.S. This latest teaching would be a great gift to give yourself – or someone you love.

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