How To Stop HALF Your Warfare in Less than 1 Minute!

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How To Stop HALF Your Warfare in Less than 1 Minute!

I am going to expose a demon that was assigned to you.

Just heard someone say “every tragedy is an instruction ignored.” I wrote that down. Take heed to this instruction. You are simply too valuable to our cause to let yourself get taken out by a LIE in this, the most important chapter of your life!

Those intense, blasphemous, angry, bitter or alternately impure, self-sabotaging thoughts you wrestle with in secret are in reality “fiery darts” trying to STOP you. A “fiery dart” in Paul’s day was an arrow shot by a bowman that acted like a missile. Designed with a burning asphalt tip, this arrow splattered when it hit the opponent’s chest. That’s a fiery dart! In your case, it’s a “thought dart that explodes” with raging feelings attached. A missile from Hell. When it hits – you don’t stop to discern the source… you think it’s you!

Most ministers and leaders NEVER tell you the hell they went through to access the heaven they preach. And it’s too bad ’cause most of you think there is something wrong with you when you enter the same experience.

Your battle is not evidence that you are flawed. Your battle is evidence that you are dangerous.


The greatest consequence of yielding to sin is that it alters the image you have of yourself. You can no longer retain a self-image as an overcomer in an area where you are overcome. Sin’s greatest casualty is that it alters the image you have of being victorious. The word “devil” or “diabolos” means “One who thrusts through like a rock.” He is trying to break into your head. A consummate slanderer, a false accuser who accuses you to yourself and us to each other.

The devil says… “You hypocrite, you fake, why fight? Why struggle? What’s wrong with you? You don’t have the right stuff. Quit now.”

Or “Just give in this once. What difference does it make? Because after all, you are already defeated.” and “Where is God in this? Why this struggle? He has withdrawn. He is displeased. He is disappointed. The anointing has lifted off you. Why can’t you get a victory?”

See the strategy? When Satan wants to destroy you, he has to somehow get access to the picture you have of yourself – and distort it! The temptation crawls into your feelings and inner thought-life and makes you think you’re defiled when in fact you are simply in close-quarter “wrestling” with a spirit who’s pushing all the right buttons, somehow, in your senses. Thus the fiery dart.

I’m beginning to think…

Strong feeling? Fiery dart.


Satan’s goal is to defile your self-image – your OPINION OF YOU ABOUT YOURSELF!

This is war…

Your assigned demon is like a postman delivering a package at the door. He hands you the clipboard and shows you the “X” and says “—Sign here.”

BUT You can refuse to sign and “Return it to the sender.”

IF you are wrestling with a thought, feeling, impulse and it keeps repeating – it’s a postman trying to get you to accept the package. Clearly the real core “YOU” does not want the thing, else you would not be in a battle with it!

Once you see that it is not YOU but a demon you wrestle with – you are free from HALF the warfare.

It takes less than a minute to be aware and quench the dart “with the shield of faith” once you get this revelation. The shield of faith quenches ALL Satan’s fiery darts according to Paul’s teaching in Ephesians 6. Faith in what?

What you believe about your IDENTITY determines your ability to resist the devil. Maybe there is an area in your flesh that is prone to certain sins? Maybe there is an iniquity in your bloodline and it makes you vulnerable? Know this – you have a NEW BLOODLINE and God can and will alter the spiritual DNA of your blood by the same Spirit in you that will raise you from the dead. It’s a very potent spirit-power inside your decaying mortal body.


YOU HAVE AN ANGEL ASSIGNED TO YOU! (maybe more than one!)

Use your authority. See that demon and also see that there is an angel assigned to back you up.

What you can walk away from, you have mastered. Stop letting the devil sell you a package of lies about who you are and your particular problem and why YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED for God’s best!

What you can’t walk away from, has mastered you.

Don’t let the devil deliver a package to your door. RETURN TO SENDER! And if you have failed in the past, stop obsessing. The BLOOD has no meaning or value for people with a perfect record. It is the thing that makes devils go CRAZY ’cause the blood erases the past and gives you a fresh page to write on.

Write the identity you want! Dip your tongue into the fountain of Christ’s blood and let your words become the pen of a ready writer.

Refuse this identity attack and know that doing so reverses the curse and causes torment and embarrassment to the demon that failed its assignment to stop you!

What do you say?

– Lance

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