You Are A Highway!

You Are A Highway! 
This is such a PROPHETIC WORD for NOW!


 God is now sending the spirit of Elijah to the Earth before the second coming of Christ – just as He did in His first coming. Where is this voice crying out?

“The voice of him that cries IN THE WILDERNESS, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a HIGHWAY for our God…” (Isaiah 40:3)



I never saw this till tonight – the voice is COMING from the wilderness. He is IN the wilderness. What does that mean? He is talking to those who go into the wilderness to meet Him. Moses told Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go three days' journey into the wilderness to meet their God. He meets us in circumstances where the untamed, barren places of life meet the deepest part of us – where the beasts roam.

The very word “wilderness” is connected to the Old English “wildern”: wild, or untamed and savage. This verse was linked to John the Baptist who came in the “spirit and power of Elijah” – both John and Elijah were rough-hewn wilderness prophetic voices. 

Jesus described the wild part of John by asking, “What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind?” [A person who is manipulated by winds of opinion?] But what went you out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment [clothing]? Behold, they that wear soft clothing are in kings’ houses [comfortable civilized palaces]. Jesus was saying the VOICE that drew them out, lived in the wilderness, wore camel’s hair and in general, could not be bought, shaped, domesticated or shook up like others.

Jesus said, “For this is he, of whom it is written, Behold, I send MY messenger before THY face, which shall prepare THY way before Thee” (Mt 11:7-13).

What does John “prepare” actually? “He shall make ready a PEOPLE prepared for the Lord.” (Luk 1:17) John forges a highway out of humans who respond to the prophetic voice! Global human trafficking will end when the bride forms a global human highway!

All makes sense now. John said He was a friend of the bridegroom and called to “prepare a people” so the “glory of the Lord could be revealed.” The head, Jesus, is invisible because He is in Heaven. The only thing people can see now, is the body of Christ. 

However, to be used we must be willing to be hammered into a highway. 

God's VOICE speaks in the uncultivated, confused tangle in us. He is sent to “make ready a people”…to help the bride make herself ready for the bridegroom! 

This VOICE is purifying us in the wilderness so we can be free from every other unholy affection, addiction and attachment. There is an overcoming bride coming out of this desolate place! “Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?” (Song of Solomon 8:5) 

John said it! (My paraphrase) “Every hole in your road has to be filled, every haughty bump has to get leveled, and all those rough edges need to be smoothed out and every crooked thing about you – straightened out!”

The Father wants all the Earth to see a clear display of His Son. The invisible God is going to go around the world walking on the visible highway of His elect who ‘lay down their lives' for Him. (Luk 3:5-6)


Ah, I see finally….”lay down their lives”…. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY THE PEOPLE LAID DOWN THEIR GARMENTS FOR JESUS TO RIDE ON WHEN HE MADE HIS ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM! It's a people-highway the Lord is forming, starting with the deepest part of our being…the wilderness places. 

What’s the purpose of this highway? “So that the GLORY OF THE LORD shall be REVEALED.” Where is this glory revealed? “To Him be glory IN THE CHURCH.” What is one aspect of this glory? “The manifold wisdom of God.” (Eph 3:10)

What is the highway? People! YOU ARE THE HIGHWAY! YOU reveal the glory of the Lord.


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