Hey- Can we talk about this?

Hey- Can we talk about this? I’ve said for years that the “media and arts mountain” is the greatest influence shaping the values and minds of the next generation of Americans. Now University research is saying the same thing, namely, that hours of fantacy media sexual bombardment will encourage teenage promiscuity. – DUH!-
We let people into our homes thru the internet and media that we would NEVER let thru our front door any other way. Let alone be isolated with our kids – to teach them! BUT thats what this is.
Lets talk….what can we do? I say, teach them to discern these messages and run them up against their own beliefs – and give em some solid input.
What else? INVADE THE SYSTEM. Make it cool to be different. Lets market our message. Who says purity does not have sex appeal? Every bride walks the isle in white cause she wants to be seen as uncompromised purity on that day.

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