Hell’s Weapon of Choice and How to Beat it!



The veteran warrior Paul reminded the Ephesians, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.” In saying this he was implying another truth…the principalities and powers are not wrestling with you either, they are wrestling with the Spirit of God working through you. You carry something some group of demons are assigned to stop.

There are a great many weapons in the arsenal of hell unleashed against a believer, but the choicest of weapons is discouragement. This spirit falls on the heels of setbacks, delays or outright denials of a deeply longed-for desire. 


There are various ways people deal with this experience:

Some people cope with disappointment by conditioning themselves not to expect too much ever again. You can see those that carry this wound by the disengagement in the face at a moment when you would have expected excitement. Or perhaps you run into cynicism or sarcasm in response to a good report that promises more to come.

But nothing great can ever be obtained without the risk of disappointment. In my book, the real hero is not the person who risks, perseveres and succeeds, but the person who risks, perseveres and fails, only to rise up and attempt again.

I think most people would share this sentiment, but imagine how the great heart in your heavenly Father beats for the lonely soldier who presses on, in spite of the mocking, belittling, humiliating harassment of the spirit of discouragement. 

There's something glorious stored up for that good soldier. They have an appointment with destiny. Their next time round will be attended with something so powerful and memorable that it will bear the signature of God Himself and when they leave that field of battle, discouragement will be crushed under their feet.

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