Hebrew Year 5774 and the “Treasures of Darkness”

This year, the day of  the Passover – as a very strange cosmic coincidence, a blood-red moon will be suspended in the heavens at that time. 

There is significance for you in this event because 2014 is the Hebrew year of the DOOR! As the blood was applied to the DOOR of the Hebrews at Passover, the BLOOD shall come upon your house to cover the DOOR to YOUR HOUSE for you shall be saved – “You and your house!” 

Blood Moon

God is REBUKING THE ENEMY off your home and your children's calling! You will exit under the blood and begin to see a deliverance from all the occult conspiracies that have sought to hinder you. 

The glory of your latter house shall be greater than the former…for you are part of God's House!

Governments in the spirit realm are shifting. Here is a promise that applied to Israel at the time of transition.

“I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness–secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.” 
(Isa 45:3)

This promise is given to someone God described as “my anointed.” It is spoken about a King who was prophesied to arise in history, a king that would help God's people to build God's house. Who is the anointed king who builds God's house? Is it David or Solomon or Jehoshaphat? 

Shocking to discover – God is addressing Cyrus, the Persian King – a heathen King. Cyrus is a secular, temporal protector of God’s plan for God’s people. Christians need to realize that God is so BIG; He is ruler of the nations, and even when His people fall short, He safeguards the gates of secular powers in order to administrate His agenda for His house. 

On the very night Cyrus came to power, the son of Nebuchadnezzar, the great Monarch of Babylon was having a party with his friends and getting drunk, using the sacred temple cups of Solomon's Temple, seized in the conquest of Jerusalem. Suddenly, in the midst of the revelry, a hand appeared and a divine finger began writing upon the wall. The party froze and Daniel was summoned to stand before the terror-stricken elites. Asked to interpret the handwriting on the wall, he told the king that he had been weighed in the balance of God and “found wanting.” His kingdom was to be delivered to another. 

As he spoke, conspirators in Babylon were at work from the inside of the great city to let Cyrus in. The army of Cyrus had diverted a portion of a riverbed that flowed under the city as co-conspirators in Babylon opened the gates from the inside to let the army enter.

As the Prophet and Intercessor Daniel delivered the word that authorized the transfer of governments, the Lord God of Israel gave Cyrus the keys of Babylon.

With this transfer of power came access to things others wanted but could not find – “Treasures of darkness!” This term typically referred to the wealth of vanquished pagan nations, which was customarily concealed in subterranean vaults. These were vaults with no windows – hence “hidden in darkness”… treasures which came from the activity of darkness, spiritually and were hidden literally. They are also treasures hidden from the eyes of those serving darkness because they are stored up in the spirit for God's rulers – His Cyruses and His Kings. They are the End Time “hidden riches of secret places.”

Know that God is the ruler of nations and while some focus on these “blood red” moons as signs of Last Days doom and the rise of ominous world powers, God says “Behold, I am doing a work in your day you would not believe if someone were to declare it to you” (Acts 13:41). The religious community of old missed the signs of the times, but the Apostles declared GOD WAS AT WORK TO BRING DELIVERANCE to whomever would dare to join Him in His invasion of planet Earth. A fresh move of God was upon them, even as it is upon us NOW.

The BLOOD covers your DOOR and delivers your HOUSE in 2014 and “wars and rumors of wars” bend the knee to the God that delivers Israel, His people, those who have made a covenant with Him by the Blood of the Lamb. This is your finest hour!

I will talk more about this tomorrow in PART II

The Passover – the year of the DOOR – the Blood applied – God invades your house.

What do you see?

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3 thoughts on “Hebrew Year 5774 and the “Treasures of Darkness”

  1. It was the Euphrates river that Cyrus diverted in his conquest of Babylon and today we are seeing “Mystery” Babylon ( ie. the world banking system) under seige in the same manner. Only the “mystery” Euphrates that’s drying up as we speak is hard currency, which is being diverted by the new “kings of the east” Russia and China to bring about the fall of mystery Babylon. (see Revelation 16:12) Exciting times dead ahead!

  2. On Oct 27 2013 the Lord gave me an oil called Cyrus Awakening. That night a prophet from Austin TX text me and said God is taking you from restoration to restitution Is. 45:2. The next day we received a check the government owed us that funded a trip to tge Phillipines. Not only is this a good word it is in synch with heaven and releasing a gea c e to those who will receive and position themselves to be used by God in the Babylonisn system to be the leaven of the kingdom, a 7 mountain transfer to see the 8th mountain, the mountain of the Lord lifted up. I think you were one of the first to buy my oils at KEYS in Austin. Bless you Lance