He gave them their request; but sent leanness unto their soul

WATCH word for June…

I have noticed a strange phenomena found in Psalm 106:15
“He gave them their request; but sent leanness unto their soul.”

Here you have the journey of the children of Israel in a stage where they were delivered out of Egypt, but not yet in their promised land. The Apostle Paul said that their journey is highly instructive to us “upon who the ends of the world have come” (1 Cor 10:11)

How so?

All of the devices Satan can use to thwart a divine moment were employed against the Hebrews in their exodus and will repeat themselves against the generation that rises in the end of the age.

God “gave them their request”….but it wasn’t the request He wanted them to make. They were tired of the diet of manna and wanted something else… He sent quail in abundance and they ate till their appetite was satiated, but it sent “leanness unto their souls.”

When I started preaching about 7 mountains there was an excitement in the marketplace. What I envisioned was a fresh front opening against the Gates of Hell in education, media, arts and business. A front line that would climb up the mind molders that shape the collective minds of nations. A siege against the gates of hell that dominate the strategic High Places where secular decision makers and influence shapers sit – the Kings of this age.

What happened instead? God has released favor and opportunity to believers who, lacking sufficient alignment and cohesion with one another have become sidetracked by “quail”…flesh…money and personal opportunity.

From my position watching this it seems like 8 out of 10 have been so caught up in their business that they forgot the reason why they were so strategically advanced in the first place. That is approximately the percentage of spies sent in to spy out the land who came back with the wrong report.

Wealth of any type: financial, influence, talent or opportunity will never be a substitute for the anointing and that deep, powerful communion of the Holy Spirit that awakens the soul when you advance in alignment with angels against the formidable fortresses of Hell on high places.

What could have been a revival in the 7 mountains has been largely dissipated through building up a business rather than stewarding increase for the advance of the kingdom.

The result is less quality of “life more abundant” (John 10:10) in exchange for more abundance to put into the barn. The “leanness of soul” simply means that the ability to enjoy life is diminished. God had a change of diet in mind all along…but He planned on giving it to them in the land they were called to occupy – in the place of their high calling.

Lets make sure we get this right.




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