12063779_10153738653184936_1057665220276432766_nGOD WANTS NATIONS
God wants nations! Why? Because He who gets the nations gets the harvest – you can have your harvest and keep it if you’ve got nations. You can’t keep your harvest even after you’ve fought for it and won if you don’t have the high places. The Last Days is a battle of kingdoms contending for he destiny of sheep or goat NATIONS!

What are the high places? Well, they are the nations, made up of “houses” and strongmen control the houses (Spiritual strongmen, aka Satan’s elite).

Here are some examples of the “houses” in the “high places”:
the house RELIGION or CHURCH
the house of FAMILY
the house of EDUCATION
the house of GOVERNMENT
the house of the MEDIA
the house of TECHNOLOGY
the house of ARTS and
the house of BUSINESS.

But, do you know what these really are? They are the molders of culture (mind molders which control minds)! These are the vehicles in high places that disciple a nation.

Jesus said go make disciples of nations. So why NOT spheres or high places of influence? He said in Matthew 28:19: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit [NAS].” What does this mean? How about “immerse them in heavens way of thinking?” Teach them.

Now if you want to go and invade a strongman’s house (or sphere, high place, etc) you’ve got to first acknowledge or realize there is a strongman (or authority) over that house.

This is important: You must also be aware that what you bow to on the way up the mountain owns you at the top. If you are going to invade that sphere you’re going to have warfare not to bow to what everyone else bows to.

So when you’re promoted, you’re promoted like Daniel and David and Joshua and Jonathan, all of them are representations of the power of supernatural favor and the spirit of glory on a vessel God wants to promote. And what did each of them represent? The willingness not to bend the knee to the compromise that everyone else bent to. What happens when you don’t bend the knee? You have power over the strongman. When you don’t give in to ungodly vices you have power over the strongman.

We act as though making disciples of nations is a debatable theology. As if the very proportion is absurd when in fact the devil does it all the time.

The truth is every nation is already being discipled by the time you get there. It’s discipled in Marxism, Buddhism, Progressive Liberalism or Islam, etc.
Satan makes sure that there’s an ideology that actively disciples every nation.

So if you really want to break in and change the world, you just have to GO INTO ALL THE WORLD. Heaven wants to send champions into the houses that Satan controls. Jesus said that He is one who binds the strongman and plunders the house. What’s the plunder look like? Light dispels darkness, freedom displaces bondage and integrity casts out corruption. That’s how the goodness of God overtakes the rule of lawlessness.

True for a person, a marriage, a family, a church….we’ve all seen it. Why not a business, a town or city or nation? How about a small nation? An island nation? Your neighborhood or campus or office?

Your job is to penetrate the existing ideology and bring a superior one. It’s Christ in you, bringing an influence through you!

That’s a lot to ask for, but this is the Great Commission.
Make sense?

AS ONE body.


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