John Solomon of The Hill, who has really been the reason the Russia collusion story broke wide open, said the real big story that was missed this week involved Mueller, admitting there was ANOTHER investigation looking into those things – Barr and his appointee Durham! In other words, Mueller was saying, my work is done but the answers to your questions about Steel and the Dossier and foreign diplomats working with our Intelligence community, that’s all being investigated now!

Want to be really strategic? Pray for William Barr and the following two men.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz who is wrapping up investigation into the legality of the FISA warrants.

Connecticut US Attorney John Durham, who is conducting a review of the entire Russia investigation, specifically whether FBI agents and/or the CIA acted improperly when opening the inquiry into the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

We need to see their work.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board published a piece that insinuated every matter Mueller declared “beyond his purview” (he used the term NINE TIMES) should be investigated by Attorney General Barr’s DOJ.

Having failed to prove collusion Democrats are doubling down on the delusional talk of impeachment. Their proof? Trump in frustration with the witch-hunt said he wanted to fire Mueller. Obviously Trump didn’t fire him and he can say what he wants to say but Democrats want to impeach him for a THOUGHT CRIME! For real! That’s their argument. Trump had the audacity to think of ditching Mueller in hope of finding an honest broker.

Now we all know the truth. Mueller was out of touch with his investigative teams one sided crusade.

Mueller’s feeble “beyond my purview” performance even made skeptics suspicious of what he was avoiding or ignorant of in his answers. Clearly Fusion GPS, Christopher Steel, Russia pushing the dossier and foreign CIA friendly agents (UK and Austrailia) were never investigated. It was a one sided hit job that cost American taxpayers millions and failed to investigate obvious questions of collusion against a sitting President. This failure to investigate the counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign makes it urgent that the Justice Department finish the OTHER HALF of the Russian-meddling probe that Mr. Mueller didn’t.

And that’s why I said the game is shifting from defense to offense for Trump.

The good news is that Mr. Barr does seem determined to find the truth.

Barr told CBS in May: “The use of foreign-intelligence and counterintelligence capabilities against an American political campaign to me is UNPRECEDENTED and it’s a SERIOUS red line that’s been crossed.”

There are several key crossed lines Barr is now exploring. This is where we focus our pray for TRUTH to arrive like a thunder clap. Illuminating and LOUD!

Barr asks:
1. Were the FISA requests legitimate and based on solid information? Or were the FISA judges deceived as part of a politically motivated campaign against Mr. Trump? Mr. Horowitz should report on this in autumn.

2. What are the facts about private actors such as Fusion GPS, the Democratic law firm Perkins Coie that paid Fusion, the former British spy Christopher Steele and others? What actions did they take and how did they influence the FBI and FISA court?

3. Remember Barr’s other comments on this? He said, “I think it’s important to understand what basis there was for launching counterintelligence activities against a political campaign, which is the core of our … First Amendment liberties in this country.”

4. “And what was the predicate for it? What was the hurdle that had to be crossed? What was the process?”

5. “Who had to approve it? And including the electronic surveillance, whatever electronic surveillance was done?”

6. “And was everyone operating in their proper lane?”

Remember way back how the President stepped into the middle of this by saying he was “spied on” and the “intelligence community” was involved? Sen. Chuck Schumer, brave soul that he is, said “uh, I’d be careful what I say about them because they have 100 ways to get you.” Remember that? Outrageous really, admitting that a President should fear the power of the Intelligence community (Clapper, Comey, Brennan.) Well, somehow God has His way as Trump continually and intuitively sets himself up to fulfill a Bible promise familiar to King David, who had to survive his own agonizing palace intrigues:“Your hand will find out all of your enemies. Your right hand will find out those who hate you.”
(Psalm 21:8)

Soon we will all find out.


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