If you're like me you wonder how prayer works. When you see it work you wonder why it works. Was it the number of people who prayed? Was it the agreement among those who prayed? Or the quality of faith in those who prayed? Was it the “effectual fervency” of those who prayed? Does having specific information help you pray more effectively? Or does the person you are praying for have a role? Perhaps all or some of the above apply to each situation.

Does it help to have information about the situation? Sometimes Jesus asked a question but most of the time He seems to have simply commanded, cast out, spoke or just healed. For me, I always pray better with a target and if I don't know the person I ask for a picture. Somehow it makes the situation more human and I can pray with more empathy or compassion.

Here is as update from Rush on his situation:

The first four weeks we were all feeling great because they warned us that the side effects of this drug could be pretty bad. Normal things like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, none of that happened to me. So the first four weeks went by, we’re kicking butt, we’re thinking this was great. And we have some indications that it’s working as well.

Well, late last week I began to find it very difficult to walk. My muscles in both legs, from the waist down, began to retain fluid and swell up incredibly to the point that ten days ago, Monday of last week when we were away for treatment, I could barely walk in the hotel room and needed a wheelchair to get where I was going. I kept taking the chemo drugs, thinking that it would be something that I could get past. I didn’t get past it and developed fevers of 102 to 103, which were also part of the list of side effects that could happen.

The point is, after about five weeks on this stuff, it all just hit me. And all of last week I was unable to get out of bed. Primarily because I couldn’t walk. The degree of pain and the swelling in both joints and legs — and I’ll give you an idea of the pain. ‘Cause they asked me to describe it. I said, “Imagine you have been sedentary for a year and then one day you go to the gym or you go practice football or you do a two-hour, strenuous workout. You know how you feel the next day, your muscles are filled up with lactic acid, you can barely move?” I said, “That’s what it’s like times five for me.”

“Oh, okay,” and they start writing it down, making notes. But I was not given anything for it. We just kept going with the treatment hoping that it would be something my system would metabolize and move beyond, but it didn’t. So it got bad enough on — losing track of the days here. I guess it got bad enough last Monday or whatever that we had to pull the treatment. We had to pull the treatment, and it was going to be just temporary for a week or two to see what would happen. I’m now taking drugs, steroids, to reverse the effects of the chemo drug.

LANCE: I feel like we need to do a corporate prayer meeting for Rush.

Check out this broadcast and pray along: Pray for Rush

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  1. We declare healing for this Prophet as Brother Lance has said. he has a voice of truth over USA and has for years! God intervene we pray, you are the great physician, we implore you to visit our brother in need! In Jesus name, the name above cancer!

  2. There’s much evidence that chemo & radiation are NOT
    Effective cancer treatments. What they are? BIG $$ for Big Pharma.
    I sent Rush a letter re: this Italian Oncologist’s
    Amazing discovery, but apparently he ignored it or never got it.
    Dr. Tulio Simonccinni is curing Millions, QUICKLY, w/o invasive
    painful immune system destroying treatments.
    Dr. Simonccinni’s amazing discovery is that [most] cancer is
    FUNGUS — not “a cell”. PLEASE pass this information on &
    Check out this Dr. I am not crazy.
    please check out this gifted Dr. for yourself.

    • Doug Kaufman says it is fungus also … God…… please save Rush… please… He could go to Chipsa Hospital in Mexico also .. Doug is on YouTube and has a website.. KnowTheCause

    • Hi please check out Joe Tippens on you tube.
      Healed from 4th stage lung cancer using a veterinary med, remarkable story.
      And there have been many doing this protocol
      That have had great success when all the chemo and radiation did nothing but make them sicker. ???? ????????

  3. I come into the Court Room of Titles and Deeds and ask for a release of the bond of health and healing to Rush Limbaugh. I ask the Judge of heaven and earth for a bond of long life , fruitfulness, and joy to Rush.

    I go to the court of cancellations. And ask for the cancellation of cancer in Jesus ‘s name by the blood of the Lamb.

    Just judge allow the pass over lamb to protect from the deadly sickness in Jesus’s name of Nazareth.

    I speak to you cancer wither and die in Jesus’s name you must go to the feet of Jesus.

  4. In praying, always praying in tounges first, the Holy Spirit reveals specific things to pray ( my knowledge comes from experience of fasting & praying, bcuz I could not understand what Paul was saying about PRAYING W/Out CEASING), so it began a marathon for me if continuous praying in tounges, I don’t remember how long but in a business meeting, I was praying to the Lord that I wish I could know what the people were thinking, as I countinued to pray in tounges, it was my turn to speak and an amazing thing happened, as I was speaking I saw my spirit praying in tounges and I knew what everyone was thinking as I looked at each person and the Holy Spirit told me to pray an anointing of TRUTH OVER EACH PERSON that they would convict themselves of any lies in front of witnesses. It happened, they could not stop their words as they spoke out their real thoughts. That was 50 years ago, and everything abosolutely everything I do I pray in tounges FIRST, but there have been so many times I could not pray out loud but I could hear & feel my spirit praying, my personal belief from experience is if you believe w/all your Heart and Soul in FAITH that Yeshua will have his Hand over the person and that they would feel the LOVE of the LORD and be healed in Yeshua timing and know that it was by His hand and especially by his LOVE that they were healed, bcuz their is only ONE HEALER AND THAT IS YESHUA THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM ISSAC AND JACOB THE HOLY ONE OF ISREAL. BARACH ATAH ADONAI ELIHAYNU MALECH OLAM. Our Lord our God creator of the universe. We are Blessed, and do not give thanks and acknowledgement from where comes all that we are. Lance Thank for your love of Yeshua And His Father, The God Of Abraham Issac and Jacob the Holy One of Isreal THE ONLY GOD.

  5. Yes I agree! I am a cancer survivor since 2002, praise God. His purpose for me was not complete. I stand in agreement with and for Rush, his purpose is not complete. May he be strengthened and encouraged, his focus to be his assignment and glorify God. I have always loved Rush and will fight for his life and purpose.