Have Faith in God and Watch What Happens!

I’ve seen people with an M.B.A. skipped over for the J.O.B. because of favor from G.O.D.

GODGod does not really get glory from a superbly funded, well conceived and executed plan. Any heathen can do that. Rather, God receives pleasure from showing Himself strong on behalf of those that are weak. There must come a time when you run out of your own cleverness and connections. You have done all you know how to do but are still stuck.

THAT’S the tipping point. The moment when the devil is the most vulnerable because that is when most people quit. The outstanding person does the opposite – they pray, they sow, they praise, they give, and they build up something in the Spirit realm that works like a cloud storing rain. At exactly the right moment FAVOR comes down like a shower and God advances the situation.

This is not an unusual thing I am describing – it is a global phenomenon that happens all over the world, every day. The devil goes out of his way to keep you from hearing about it, or you feel so down in the contradiction that other people’s breakthroughs just rub salt into the wound of your own delay. If that’s the case – turn things around now by deliberately sowing, thanking, giving, going in celebration of the invisible kingdom and the laws of faith – AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!

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