Extreme Dream Trip – Don’t Miss Your Moment!

Live your Extreme Dream!!!

Extreme Dream Trip!

Oct 10 – 14, 2013

  • All-Inclusive Meals & Lodging
  • Expert social media and business strategies 
  • Divine Networking 
  • Georgian and Winnie Banov Revival Impartation 
  • Dr. Lance's top 10 Extreme Dream Key's for 2013 all at an inspiring world class location Sheraton Hacienda Resort, Spa and Golf Course in Mexico.

This is undoubtedly the Supernatural Business Networking Event of 2013 for our global 7 Mountain community. We all fly into Cabo San Lucas, Oct 10th and jump into our private vans where the divine networking all starts. We rendezvous at the Sheraton Hacienda Resort, Spa & Golf Course in Cabo. I take care of getting you from the airport to the Resort- just make sure you use this airport code for Cabo: SJD

Just think- you will be together for 5 Days and 4 Nights of divine visitation while learning the worlds sharpest tools, practices and strategies for WEALTH CREATION, and dominance within your sphere.

The place we chose for October is uniquely set apart as a spiritual magnet to world leaders and was the epicenter for the 2012, G-20 Summit. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful oasis location's on the earth. The atmosphere is breathtaking.

The power of the network that shows up to these Dream Trips is personally humbling to me. The message of the kingdom attract's KING'S so it should not be surprising who you run into. We often have to stop recording and agree to keep confidential the names and initiatives this network of change agents represent as participant's share what they are doing in the earth.

You will learn how to create and refine your Extreme Dream Blueprint and discover the stages and steps to making it manifest. You will learn key's to supernatural business explosion as you partner with God in building a kingdom enterprise.

The combination of a Priestly and a Kingly anointing is the explosive secret behind the Royal Priesthood God is raising up, like Melchizedek in the Last Days. Every believer is called to carry revival and this revival is moving to the epicenter of commerce and government. That's what happens when global REVIVALIST'S Georgian and Winnie Banov join the party and world renowned INTERNET STRATEGIST Perry Marshal share the platform and answer your questions!

Those of you who work with social media and internet strategies know that Perry is a recognized expert and author of, “The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.”

 He predicted 5 years ago where Facebook was going.   Here is what he wrote to me today… 

“Say goodbye to the myth that you cannot get an ROI from Facebook. 2004-2005 was the time to take Google ads seriously. Insane ROI for small efforts. 2013 is the time to take Facebook ads seriously, and I mean NOW. As little as 6 months ago, I couldn't have said this. But Wall Street finally pounded Facebook into submission. Zuckerberg and co took notice. Facebook is now a hot, effective ad platform. 
I myself am getting more good leads and paying customers for less money than any other source in 5 years.” 

 PERRY MARSHAL is joining our event! 

 Jesus told the disciples to “come aside and rest a while.” This is your time.

Come and get a fresh anointing on your life and business 

 As One,
Lance Wallnau,
Founder & Managing Director of Lance Learning Group


Early Bird Special Extended through FRIDAY, AUGUST 30th!
  You do not want to miss this moment to “RECALIBRATE”

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