Drudge, The Obama Administration’s Watergate, & America’s Choice

What in the world has happened to Drudge? The Drudge report along with half of media has been ignoring the scandal of the Obama Administration’s Watergate moment. I say ditch Drudge and choose whatfinger instead!

The devil’s agenda is to bankrupt America – pay people to not go to work, destroy small businesses and eventually take America down. We’re coming to a crossroads where we’ll need to choose. Does America want to be a free nation or a socialist one?

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10 thoughts on “Drudge, The Obama Administration’s Watergate, & America’s Choice

  1. Lance
    Thanks for you insightful messages, I literally just stumbled across you yesterday ( A God incidence, haha) but rest assured I will be following you from this day forward. And yes we are praying and praying for our President Donald J. Trump. Trump, my president, ” You will recover All” Yes there is no way God could put him in office for one term only but nonetheless we have our marching orders so we pray. Thank you again .

  2. Hi Lance,
    This is Sandy de la Torre from Los Angeles, Ca. I got a message from FB massager from you, about Favor, I ordered the book. Then this guy asked me to be his friend he set he saw me on your FB page on one of your messages.



    Sandy D

    My opinion on this character:
    Don’t waste your time, report it to the authorities. Now I’m going to have to change all my passwords, what a HOT MESS!

  3. Lance, I’ve been listening to your teaching for several months now and I want to thank you for your insights, your honesty and your love for the Word of God. I am learning things from you that I have never heard before; it is helping me to see and understand scripture in a deeper, broader context. I think much of today’s popular preaching tends to be shallow and very centered on self. Your ministry has been a much-needed breath of fresh air that is getting rid of the dust and cobwebs that so often obscure the gospel message. I am 70 and retired now, but what I am learning from your broadcasts and other interviews and teachings I’ve found on youtube has reinvigorated my prayer life and given me new hope for the Church. I am asking God for financial blessing so I can start giving regularly to your various ministries.

  4. So very thankful you recommend Whatfinger. Very to the immediate point of the truth without clickbate ! Fast information without loosing my interest with lengthy stories I usually delete.

  5. Thank God for men like you that will stand up for what is right and good. You are correct about Cyrus Trump. Billy Graham said it before he died that Trump was for such a time as this. Barbara Lawrimore

  6. THANK YOU, Brother Lance, for Your insight into what is happening in the World. I am an old Man & You were moving, because of the time factors, but, I was following where, You were coming From. Maybe, Many of the Church Leaders will Ask for More Prayers of Love for GOD, Our Nation & the World in the Next Couple of Weeks hopefully.?? Blessings to You Sir, Bro. Scott.

  7. Hi Lance,

    Thank you or all you do!
    I’m sure you saw Trump’s presser regarding operation “Warp Speed”. I thought it was very symbolic that Fauci and Birx were muzzled (masked) :).

  8. Dear God please help us. Repentance is being sorry enough to quit. Dear Jesus please help us. Make the evils come to justice.
    Thank you Lance