Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

One of my mentors told me that people typically spend more time planning vacations than they do planning a career. I’m not sure how true that is but I do know that one of the great secrets to a happy and prosperous life is the ability to say “yes” to work that matches your strengths and “no” to anything that locks you into a role outside the sweet spot of what you do best. 
Think about it. If the devil can’t block you from work that matches your gifts and calling (a guaranteed formula for success) he will promote you BEYOND your sweet spot so that you get out of alignment with the calling the Father gave you. 

What makes us think the only form of warfare we face is opposition? If the devil can’t keep you from going forward he’ll get behind and push you too fast.

Joseph was not meant to be the ruler of Egypt – he was an anointed second. Same with Daniel. Beware the opportunity that offers more money or autonomy in exchange for less alignment with your gifts. In the end it will not work out….at least not as well as it could have

So how about it? Ever see someone reach too far? Get promoted too fast? Ever experience a better offer that ended up worse?

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