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8 thoughts on “Donald Trump & Deep State…right out of the Bible

  1. Opportunist scum. Have you not considered the FACT that social media will call you out within seconds and label you as a FRAUD, LYING P.O.S. OPPORTUNIST PIG that you are.

    You really don’t think people are going to buy your garbage, do you??? I mean – sure – you’ll get a handful of mental patients … the same people who voted for Trump that didn’t have an ulterior motive in mind … but at the end of the day your ridiculous b.s. will fail.

  2. Thank you Mr. Wallnau for sharing what the Lord reveals to you with His
    people. We appreciate you so much even if madam liberty does not.
    We pray her eyes will be open. Please continue the good work. The church
    needs it. You have brought the Bible alive for now days. Thank you again

  3. If you’re being persecuted you are doing God’s will this ain’t the prosperity gospel this is the life of a disciple! Turn or burn Mrs Liberty. Ironically Lady liberty is iconic to the symbolism that represents USA once the free land of religion. As our constitution hangs by a thread preparing for NWO and the Antichrist sadly Mrs Liberty won’t be ready, the Bride and groom will be. Don’t cast your pearls to the pigs who spit on the cross, THE CHURCH has your back ! Jesus SAVES the devil slays. Pray for America!

  4. My biggest regret is not seeking to meet with and talk with Elie Wiesel in New York City 1992. The Children of Abraham must all work together. There are two Biblical suppers of paramount importance spoken of in Christianity; they are ‘The Last Supper’ that happened two thousand years ago… with not many understanding… and the long-awaited ‘Marriage Supper’ that was in 1960, of the recent 20th century…and not many understood this either.

    The Second Coming of Christ has happened;
    they did not kill him, this time. He was born of woman…and he did not come from outer space. How shall we know him?…we shall know him by His fruits.

    This has been publicly proclaimed since 1994, after the beginning of True Parents: The Completed Testament Era. Exactly 40 years after the founding of ‘The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity’ a period of primary outreach to Christianity.

    This has been followed by ‘The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification’ in 1994 which further increases outreach to the Abrahamic faiths and all peoples of the world and the other major religions.

    ‘The Divine Principle’ is the testimony to the Providence of God; as to how this would happen and did.

    Click here to listen, in 35 individual segments:
    Word for Word – Divine Principle Series – YouTube
    …Having said that, let me state I do understand and respect, other people’s faith and beliefs. I continue to learn so many things from others in my own life and always, will thank God for the part they play to bring love and truth to mankind… I have also witnessed from too many others, an absolute unwillingness to listen to any new thought or thinking outside of what they already know.

    There is the adage in our recent generations, to never talk about religion or politics… but after living through a century of war and the technology that has come into existence, helping us to land on the Moon, photograph the universe and map Human DNA, then my hope is that you will read on and come to understand how more than just amazing technology has come upon us, even more, amazing spiritual truth has come at the same time.
    As scientific advances were hidden from public knowledge; so have amazing spiritual advancements been hidden.
    Consider that most of us at some point of our lives have been in places where people freely, openly talk about the speculative subject of ‘Aliens’; either ‘on their way’ or already ‘living amongst us’; from bars to movie cinema’s, the subject is broached enthusiastically…but when it comes to the subject of The Second Coming of Christ; the conversation ends.
    This e: book is about realities much more real than Alien speculation. This is a physical and spiritual overview of the many circumstances involved in the ‘Ideological’ Third World War that the Messiah spoke about…How it is now happening. There was no title ‘World War 1’ until 1939 when events happened, that called for it to be named. World War 3 will come to be used in the future, for this time.
    The Second Coming of Christ has happened; they did not kill him this time. He came as He first left, SUFFERING; in the body of a new person, with a new name (Rev. 19:12) and the same mission, that was failed by Adam and Eve, ultimately successful in Jesus… but without the restoration of a true woman, as True Daughter of Heavenly Parent, the first True Wife and True Mother in human history. He, the Second Coming, The Messiah is now together with His Wife, absolutely Victorious by establishing the original calling of Adam and Eve to be the Original True Parents of Humankind; eternally.
    They together are the True Parents of Humanity.
    True Parents are ‘The Messiah’!

  5. I am currently listening to your teaching on this topic and had to stop and share an observation. You mention the wise men who visit Herod in their quest of the child. You attribute their knowledge to their understanding of the teachings of Daniel.

    I respectfully offer you another possibility. These Magi were more likely Zoroastrians. Scripture is plain about the fact that they associated their journey with a sign in the heavens. There is no mention of Daniel in this new testament narrative.

    While you may not agree, and if not I respect your opinion, there may be clues that provide greater enlightenment about what these magi saw in the book of Revelations. A careful reading of chapter 12 from an astronomic perspective accurately corresponds to a precise timing in history when the messiah was born. It also corresponds to a completion of the 70 weeks of Daniel, as you have suggested.
    “A woman clothed in the Sun” from the perspective of spiritual astronomy is interpreted as a time when the sun is in the constellation Virgo. If you continue to read the passage you find that the dragon awaits that birth to gobble up the child as soon as it is born. If you will consider the position of the constellations in the physic universe, you will find that what is mention has a and defines a direct relationship to the position of the constellation Draco (the dragon) to both Virgo and to the constellation Leo (the lion of Judah). Please consider the possibility that Leo is also suggested in this passage as it references that above her (Virgo) head is a crown of twelve stars (reference to Leo’s affiliation with the twelve tribes of Judah). It is also noted that the revelation speaks of the moon at the feet of the woman. Again, we find a potential astronomical event is mentioned. Specifically, the position of the moon in the constellation Libra. Please consider to fact that the moon is associated with one who is called “the faithful witness.” and that its position is described in the passage as being positioned in the constellation that represents a final judgment (Libra). So again, the Zoroastrians were possibly knowledgeable that the one to be born would not only be king of the Jews, but the promised seed that would as a faithful witness would bring judgment.

    Forgive me if I have offended you in any manner. This is not my intent. I will also share with you that I find some agreement with you that President Trump is a chosen occurrence. But not in the positive light that you have suggested. There has been a possible bad omen and astronomical event in the heavens that also is spoken of in the bible that corresponds with this presidency.

    Matthew 24:30 says “And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory.” Could this have been a reference to an actual astronomical event that would be witnessed in the heavens? If so, scripture could be suggesting a solar eclipse. Because eclipse in antiquity were usually considered omens of ill-fated events. The scripture says the earth will mourn in association with this event. Now, at the same time it specifically says “the SIGN of the sun of man.

    Please consider the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. It was also called “the great American eclipse. This eclipse took place in the first year of the Donald Trump administration. Please consider how this eclipse relates to Jesus Christ in spiritual astronomy. The Sun has a relationship to Jesus as the bridegroom (Psalms 19:5). the sun was positioned in the constellation Leo which is Christ the King (Genesis 49:10). And lastly, the moon is associated with Jesus as the faithful witness (Psalms 89:37, Revelations 1:5). Is it not possible that these combined elements of this astronomical event are a possible fulfillment of “the sign of the Son of Man?I am not proclaiming. I am sharing an observation based on my knowledge of scripture and novice study of spiritual astronomy.

    But back to the original point I wanted to share about your video. I am simply suggesting that you reconsider your suggestion that the Magi were inspired by the writings of Daniel. I hope from what I have shared that you will consider other possibilities.

  6. I am 82 yrs old. Enjoyed your video on the Prophetic Timeline. Made a lot of sense. I have failing eyesight so have hugh magnifying lite to read printed information with. I wish there was a way to print off your teaching. I share what I am able to get so others too can read them. A lot of elderly seniors do not have a computer and I may be in that fix if my sight completely goes. Thank you for following the Lord and being his obedient son. My regards to Mrs. Wallnau. Blessings in Jesus’ Name to both of you. martha