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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump & Deep State…right out of the Bible

  1. Opportunist scum. Have you not considered the FACT that social media will call you out within seconds and label you as a FRAUD, LYING P.O.S. OPPORTUNIST PIG that you are.

    You really don’t think people are going to buy your garbage, do you??? I mean – sure – you’ll get a handful of mental patients … the same people who voted for Trump that didn’t have an ulterior motive in mind … but at the end of the day your ridiculous b.s. will fail.

  2. Thank you Mr. Wallnau for sharing what the Lord reveals to you with His
    people. We appreciate you so much even if madam liberty does not.
    We pray her eyes will be open. Please continue the good work. The church
    needs it. You have brought the Bible alive for now days. Thank you again

  3. If you’re being persecuted you are doing God’s will this ain’t the prosperity gospel this is the life of a disciple! Turn or burn Mrs Liberty. Ironically Lady liberty is iconic to the symbolism that represents USA once the free land of religion. As our constitution hangs by a thread preparing for NWO and the Antichrist sadly Mrs Liberty won’t be ready, the Bride and groom will be. Don’t cast your pearls to the pigs who spit on the cross, THE CHURCH has your back ! Jesus SAVES the devil slays. Pray for America!