Donald Trump Alliance with the Seed of Abraham

Lancing the News Today!
Donald Trump Alliance with the Seed of Abraham!

This is a great development. Abraham was promised that Princes would descend out of Ishmael his first born son in the natural. This young man, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, needs your intercession. He is a Cyrus among the Saudi princes and he seeks to bring reform while opposing the sinister work of Iran, Syria and Turkey in the high stakes game of building an anti American and anti Israel Caliphate that may one day fulfill what many end time writers believe is the AntiChrist alignment of nations.

You are living in history’s most accelerated period of time. God is setting up the chess pieces while the enemy of His people is busy realigning and mobilizing. Many on our side seem to be dazed and disoriented because we are listening to the wrong sources of news and wrong interpretation of events.

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