Do You Have A Battle Campaign For “Diabolos”?

Enemy AttacksI once heard that the definition of “devil” is “diabolos” ..or the “one who thrusts thru like a rock.” Your warfare is not a one shot thing. You need a CAMPAIGN mentality not a BATTLE mentality. To be honest, you can lose a battle and still win the war because wars are won by a succession of battles i.e. a Campaign.

Likewise the enemy will keep coming at you. Through constant vexation and harassment, day by day, the enemy beats against our will until we are worn out and give in. Give in once and it's easier to give in the next time. A single thread can be snapped but once several threads combine it becomes a rope. Thats the way habits form spiritual or otherwise. Samson could break any rope, but Delilah broke his will and destroyed him. How? She “pressed him daily with her words, and urged him so that his soul was vexed unto death…” (Judges 16:15-17)

The enemy starts TEMPTING the senses and TALKING to your mind…the two go together. This is how you can end up one day in the wrong relationship or in the grip of a terrible habit or compromise. Samson's problem was he didn't leave the presence of the temptation….he hung around. He liked it and assumed he could get out whenever he needed to. He was wrong.

Joseph was exposed to the same strategy. Great favor often comes before an attack like this and even greater favor follows, if the attack is survived. Note what the Bible say's about the wife of Potipher.”And it came to pass, as she spoke to Joseph DAY BY DAY, that he hearkened not to her, to lie by her, or to be with her.” He had a persistent tempter but he refused to stay in her presence any longer than he had to. My take is that Samson had more anointing than Joseph, but Joseph had the stronger inner man. Both women were persistent and used words, but one man escaped and another was captured. Learning to finish your race sometimes requires you to run away.

The story here is bigger than how to handle sexual temptation. The real story is how to discern a situation, avoid temptation and how to deal with the DAILY VOICE. By that I mean Satan is always talking and it is so subtle it sounds like you talking to yourself. (Battle Campaign) If you keep yourself full of the word of God and sit under a variety of powerful and relevant teaching, you will discern the voice of the tempter and refuse to lie down next to the conversation.

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20 thoughts on “Do You Have A Battle Campaign For “Diabolos”?

  1. Yes! Reminds me of something
    KV @ Bethel Reddng shared,
    “How many of you know that not all of the voices you hear in your head are your own?”. It’s still strange to me though how amplified the enemies voice is in the earth realm & how effortlessly it travels while even seasoned believers still struggle to pick up & tune in to Heavens signal & directive.

  2. A timely and encouraging note For me right now. ‘They’ say that it’s always darkest before the dawn. Well, in our family, the ‘darkness’ is the ‘circumstantial’ darkness, and not the moral. At any rate, this dangling process that God has us in, to say the least, has been very trying and the enemy has worked overtime. BUT GOD…..
    Thanks for this encouraging post.

  3. Thanks for the great article. My mind keeps breathing Romans 12:2. But the testing part stinks!! Devil trying to trick my mind, but I hear God speaking to me. I’m having trouble with being frustrated. Likely means something great coming…..

  4. Thank you for this word of encouragement as I am being harassed, persecuted and even humiliated on a DAILY BASIS. On Aug 15th, 2013 I was served. My adopted family is suing me. That’s right, 83 yr old Grandma is suing me and I’m sure that the rest of the clan is right behind her. I never expected to feel this kind of hatred from my adopted family. I believe it is all because I am highly favored. Nevertheless, I will serve His Majesty until there is no breathe left in my body. Talk about a CAPAIGN? It’s ON!!!!!!!!!

    I know about battles and I know about war since I spent a little over 18 years in the military as I’m a highly trained 53 yr old female soldier. So I’m bringing that Campaign mentality to my spiritual life. Thank you Dr. Lance.