Do All Roads Lead To One Direction?

I'm on my way to DFW airport with my trusty sidekick Rick. I've been thinking about how the secularists, agnostics and atheists say that all religions are the same – same god, same principles and that really all roads lead to the same direction.

I decided to test out their theory. Find out just how absurd it is!

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2 thoughts on “Do All Roads Lead To One Direction?

  1. Dear Lance, you asked for responses about what to write in your next book. I have been praying for and God has used you on numerous occasions to articulate talking points heading into the 2020 elections that can be discussed in everyday non-religious settings. For example, in today’s video you said something like all roads do not lead in the same direction. Socialism naturally suppresses enterprise and wealth creation which leads to the misery rather than the prosperity of the people. That’s the kind of concise statement I want to ask people how they feel about it, what they believe, and do they have any historical examples to the contrary. Please write about these things.

  2. Your next book should be just like your last book. You should tell us what God is telling you about the election and His plans for America.