D-Day invasion

On Friday June 6th we passed thru a 70th Anniversary date. The importance of the D-Day invasion cannot be overstated, but its meaning becomes more easily understood during times of global chaos, such as the one we live in now.

Its prophetic significance is often overlooked. Gen. Eisenhower originally planned for the invasion to occur the day before, on the 5th but moved it on a day because of weather.

Curiously, the invasion was marked by the number 666 as it commenced on the 6th month 6th day at 6 AM, exactly 6 months after Hitler invaded Poland. Normandy’s 70th anniversary marks the time when the AntiChrist forces of a previous era were invaded by “Allies.” Are we sufficiently allied to advance against the gates of hell in our day?

I like what one journalist said…
“To fully appreciate their courage, make yourself a promise. Promise that, before you die, you will go to Normandy. Promise that you will stand on the beach, climb into the bomb craters and bunkers and that, most of all, you will walk quietly through the cemeteries, which hold the remains of 9,386 Americans.”

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One thought on “D-Day invasion

  1. What in the wide wide world of sports are you implying? 666 is the UNrighteous number of an UNrighteous man– the Anti-Christ! Why the BIBLE makes that fairly easy to understand. FDR, Eisenhower, Churchill et al were Lucifer (really Satan) Worshiping Freemasons. You are getting ready for the wrong Jesus pal, if I’m right that you would dare imply 666 is a righteous number.