Comparison is Creative Kryptonite

ComparisonComparison is creative Kryptonite because what makes you unique is your own interpretation of things. Your “UNIQUE FACTOR” is the intersection of where your gifts, talent, and acquired skills combine with your passion. What makes passion? Life experience and the way you choose to interpret it. 

Mix these ingredients properly and you have an ORIGINAL expression. It’s a fresh sound – an original approach. 

We all start by modeling, copying, and shadowing those who have greater mastery than us, but somewhere along the way you find yourself. It’s never been done the way you do it. If it’s you – it’s NEW! It’s a voice, not an echo; substance, not a shadow.

Probably, because we were made in the image of God, we carry something inside us that can shape and have dominion over the environment. 

Your “unique factor” releases this authority. It is His talent combined with your quality of heart. Nobody else has your history, hence nobody else has your reflection and expression and heart-motivation. 

God is more into career actualization than people think. “Vocation” in Latin is “calling.” Your work is the expression of your divine calling.

Do you experience moments of this “unique factor” ever? When? What are you doing at that time? Want more?

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