Coming to a theater near you!

OUTRAGE OF THE WEEK– Coming to a theater near you!

I understand. I don’t want to write what I am writing. It’s much easier to write about angel sightings and prophecies or talk about the Illuminati, but folks the devil is not attacking and taking America down from the direction you think he is. The battle is over your children.

America made its left turn because the next generation was discipled by schools, colleges, entertainment, and media. Politicians were the final spoils of this war. That’s how the LGBT takeover came and they are just getting started.

You want to see a move of God in America? Really? I’m with you. BUT after we’ve waved the flag for an appeal to heaven, and got the right anointing oil and gone to the best supernatural conference we know about and received an impartation in the prayer line (I still do all this) you will still need to deal with the devil at your door. Or your child’s door. Don’t think your spiritual activity is a substitute for showing up where the battle is…and it’s coming to a theater near you!

President Obama promised “change” and delivered it today in an unbelievable new progressive vision for America’s youth.

How’s this for “change”? Schools can no longer prevent transgender boys from using the girl’s restrooms and vice verse. You go to the bathroom that corresponds with what you think your gender is. To deny this is to violate federal law, the Obama administration says.

Schools tried to accommodate and be reasonable. They offered bathrooms for male or female…Unisex bathrooms. This fair, right? Pick your gender and go to the male or female bathroom. Not enough cried the ACLU and their Progressive Legal machine. That denies the child the psychological support they deserve by being with their own – in their mind- gender. They should not be denied the company of females – if they think they are female.

That’s right, the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Justice worked together (with your tax dollars and the ACLU) to make history! It all came together in a brief submitted late Wednesday in support of a Virginia teenager who is suing for access to the boys’ restrooms at his high school.

The government’s filing says a Gloucester County School Board policy that required a 16-year-old junior to use either the girls’ restrooms or a unisex bathroom constitutes unlawful bias under Title IX, the 1972 law that prohibits sex discrimination in education.

They said:
“Treating a student differently from other students because his birth-assigned sex diverges from his gender identity constitutes differential treatment on the basis of sex under Title IX.”

Wise as serpents, the Progressive activists searched for a female to push the issue – a male would have been a harder case to the public.

This means that If you think you are the opposite sex you can use the opposite sex showers and bathroom and locker room.

This is meant to protect the rights of a minority while putting significant pressure on a majority. Progressives have mastered the art of shaming Americans into submission by draping their legal intimidations in language that calls all this an “anti-bullying policy” or “nondiscrimination/harassment and transgender policy.”

What kid or which parent wants to step out of the social media meat grinder and fight “anti-bullying” or “nondiscrimination/harassment policies”?

It’s much easier to avoid the unpleasant subject matter and move on.


Based on this ruling, your daughter should not have a problem sharing a shower with a naked young man- who thinks he is a women. Your daughter will need to change. She should be ashamed of any embarrassment she feels. She is simply manifesting the cultural conditioning of her backward upbringing. She should progress beyond the voice of modesty and old school morality and get with the program! Heck – she may be a boy trapped in a girl’s body? Why not? I’ve met radical Progressives trapped inside Christian bodies.

What does the Bible say about a generation “without natural affection…despisers of those that are good?”

Once the premise of this ruling sinks in, all sorts of things are possible.

I recall a man who was convinced he was a cat. Honestly. No disrespect intended. He did more than just think it. He was someone who voluntarily filed his teeth, split his lip and underwent extensive facial surgery – to turn himself into a “human cat.”

Based on this law, if enough people thought they were cats, wouldn’t it be wrong to deny them access to public litter boxes?

You think this absurd?

Based on this ruling, males who think they are females cannot be denied access to female sports teams. That’s fine till a 220 lb transgender runs over a 120 lb catcher at home plate.


– Lance

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