Christianity Today Promotes Trump Impeachment, The Grahams Disagree

Christianity Today promotes impeachment and invokes the name of their founder, Billy Graham. Franklin Graham responds and shocks the world with the disclosure that Billy Graham voted for President Trump in 2016 and believed he was an answer to prayer. Then Franklin labeled the magazine as a publication “off track for a while” and “influenced by the left”.

I explore their work with the Soros immigration platform and explore how this Christianity Today announcement is a good thing.

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One thought on “Christianity Today Promotes Trump Impeachment, The Grahams Disagree

  1. Yes Lance, Billy Graham did vote for Trump and its fabulous revealing news!…If one of the greatest men of God that ever lived (Dr, Rev, Billy Graham) voted for Donald J Trump and was happy to do it, then what’s Christianity Today’s major malfunction?? Another catastrophe is how Ms Beth Moore responded to that ill fated article from the now retired (as of Jan 3rd, 2020) editor Mark Galli. Ms Moore was in total agreement with Mr Galli and Tweeted so. Which is not the first time she has turn coated on the Household of our Faith. I am so tired of feckless, apostate, Christian “coaches” hightailing it to the dark side. Nevertheless…Maranatha.