CEO Stack of Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t know the facts

Check out Eric Holder and see who helped form the lax law that let a shooter run free.

CEO Stack of Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t know the facts.

STACK: When we looked at that we said, “The systems that are in place across the board just aren’t effective enough to keep us from selling someone a gun like that,” and so we’ve decided, uh, that w-w-we’re not gonna the assault-type rifles.

RUSH: Okay. Mr. Stack, I hope this gets back to you. When you talk about you did everything that the law required and still the shooter was able to get a gun from Dick’s Sporting Goods — when you looked at that, you said, “The systems that are placed across the board just aren’t effective enough to keep us from selling someone a gun like that.” This guy’s upset that this shooter was able to pass a background check.

Now, do you think that CEO Ed Stack of Dick’s Sporting Goods understands why? Do you think he has the slightest idea why Nikolas Cruz was not caught in his background check? Do you think he has ever heard of the PROMISE Program? Do you think the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods has ever heard of the Obama-Eric Holder program that paid local police departments and sheriff’s departments and schools not to report crime, arrest crime committed by, well, pretty much anybody! Felonies, misdemeanors in the youth area of age when they’re young.

Do you think this guy understands that the reason for this was the Obama-Holder belief and the general belief held by the American left that the prison populations have a very high percentage of minorities and African-Americans? Obama and Holder believe that’s because of racism and bigotry, that a lot of innocent people have been incarcerated because America is an injustice, America is immoral.

So they passed this thing calls the PROMISE Program, and it basically exempts young people who’ve committed crime. They’re not apprehended, they’re not arrested, so that they don’t end up as a statistic involving prison or jail. This is designed to lower the percentage of minorities and African-Americans. But the reason it works is the sheriff, the local police, the school boards were all given grant money to make sure this policy was adhered to.

So the reason that Dick’s Sporting Goods was unable to deny this guy his purchase is because this guy — in all of these warnings and in all of this instances that people knew he was gonna crack — wasn’t in the background check system because he had not been recorded as such. He’s not been arrested. He had not been dealt with. Do you think the CEO at Dick’s Sporting Goods understands that, or is he just trying to get in on what he thinks is a wave of popular opinion that he’s trying to take advantage of and maybe misreading it a little bit?

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