Can’t Wait To Show You What We’ve Been Working On!

Today I’m going to show you what you helped build. Every dollar we’ve made over the last ten years, since I’ve been selling products and doing training, and working as an organization, we’ve literally saved and put it in the bank so we could do something big. Now we have – we’ve got this new office and studio space that we‘ll use to talk about the battle of big ideas. Most Christians in ministry back away from anything controversial but we’re not going to as someone needs to say what needs to be said.

Annabelle has an exciting outreach program to share with you too! She helps single moms who have come from impoverished lives and have recently been homeless and just moved into their first apartment. When we meet them they need beds, they need furniture, they need everything. We’ve done a ton of outreach so far – what started out as one bed, we’re now up to 80 beds! When you come out of homelessness, you’ve lost everything.

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One thought on “Can’t Wait To Show You What We’ve Been Working On!

  1. Awe…I’m so proud for you all! But admittedly, the vision of both you and Annabelle are going forward with is so needed. Thank you, and I am behind you.