Call to prayer!

Join in with me as we pray for President Trump! In the first few minutes I catch us up to date with what’s going on and then we pray.

Let’s thank the Lord. I just want to thank the Lord together with you that religious liberties while they’re being stalked and dismantled and legislated against, in ways that most of us aren’t even aware. Coming out of California and New York, Christians actually can be thankful that God is doing something you’re not going to hear on the news, you’re not going to hear it being celebrated, and when it is celebrated, they’re going to add all this other crazy stuff.

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5 thoughts on “Call to prayer!

  1. I want to be on the prayer list to better know how to pray and how to couragesly, clearly and intelligently talk with the left.

  2. Many demons have been tasked by Lucifer to guide President Trump in order to fulfill Satan’s agenda. Lucifer is working on many fronts and through many people to fulfill this agenda of destroying Democracy and then killing off the entire human species. Satan wants to deconstruct the administrative state. One aspect of Lucifer’s many pronged attacks is his plan to bring down the Democratic Republic. He is guiding his minions including the Koch brothers (and many of the billionaire class). The goal being to protect the wealth, property, and future earnings of the moneyed elite. Satan and these billionaires want to ensure that the “majority” can never again utilize the Constitution and our Democratic institutions to tell these billionaires that they can’t pollute the environment or can’t force them to treat employees fairly – in terms of their pay and safety in the workplace or have to pay taxes. These billionaires want to privatize EVERYTHING from schools, to prisons, to the Post Office. Satan wants us to go back to an Oligarchy run by sociopathic corporate forces that have complete control of a government that will only support a militarized police force at home and a strong military abroad – in order to protect these billionaires’ wealth. Satan is helping them to ensure that the only taxes they will ever have to pay will go to support these two entities. Satan understands that this will destroy Democracy, destroy the planet, while killing many Americans. This is just one aspect of Lucifer’s plan to destroy Democracy and destroy life on this planet. In future updates I will reveal other aspects of Satan’s plan and how it is being implemented and who the Demons are guiding – in order to fulfill Satan’s agenda. I will reveal the names of those in government, in religious circles, and in other spheres of influence being guided by these demons. I will highlight how people like Robert Mercer, Charles Koch, Betsy DeVos, Pat Robertson, and other oligarchs are being used by demons from Lucifer’s lair. Satan loves right-wing oligarchs, child molesters, republicans, and Donald Trump.

  3. Let’s all pray to Republican Jesus. “Dear Republican Jesus please let all the babies be born (especially the white ones) but don’t expect us to feed, clothe, or house them – particularly the brown ones. Republican Jesus please steady our collective hand so that we may kill more brown people in foreign countries in order to make it easier for our corporations to steal their resources. Republican Jesus please protect the wealth of the corporate elite and the billionaires at the expense of the middle class and poor. Republican Jesus we thank you for giving us a sociopathic, serial lying, narcissistic, rascist president with Orange hair and a small penis. Please continue to guide his sexually predatory hands. Your plan to destroy the world and kill Americans through your instrument (Donald Trump) is working. Please strike dead all those who would warn us about global warming and climate catastrophe and guide Orange Hitler’s hand in granting free reign to the extraction industries to poison our world while putting more money in their pockets. Thank you, Republican Jesus, for making it easier for us to identify your chosen people. If someone is white and wealthy and exhibits sociopathic tendencies then we know they are your people. We love you Republican Jesus. Thank you for teaching us how not to feed the poor, how not to establish peace on Earth, and how not to have compassion for human beings unless they are billionaires and white.

  4. I don’t hate the flesh and blood Jesus who walked the roads of Palestine, nor do I hate the Jesus found in the pages of the Bible. Over the centuries, Christians have created many Jesuses in their own image. This is the essence of Christianity, an ever-evolving religion bearing little resemblance to what it was even a century ago.
    The Jesus I hate is the modern American Jesus, the right-wing Republican Jesus. Republican Jesus has the power to affect my life, hurt my family and destroy my country, not to mention destroying the environment (‘Republican Jesus’ hates the earth). I hate this Jesus with a vengeance. “You will know them by their works”; this quote from the Bible guides us to understand that Donald Trump is the antithesis to everything Jesús said or stood for. In other words, Trump is the spawn of Satan.
    Trump has his Bible perched on his lap, while he sits on the toilet planning his next meeting with a prostitute. The pages of his Bible will substitute for toilet paper. He issues a short prayer, to Satan, and then has a laugh at the expense of the low-grade morons who voted for him. While wiping his ass with pages from the Bible, Trump starts to wonder how he is going to get out of the homosexual relationship that was forced on him by Vladimir Putin? His fear that Putin will publicly release film showing himself sexually abusing (and being used by) various male farm animals, overrides all other fears. Trump struggles with accepting that he is Putin’s bitch and also a Nazi goat fucker. But, he is somewhat encouraged that his “gay” reeducation therapy seems to be progressing nicely. His only relapse being one encounter he had with a male goat who mounted him, after he performed fellatio on this same goat. Trump told his doctor “I will do better, I promise”.
    Trump’s Jesus cares nothing for the poor, the hungry or the sick, has no interest in poor immigrants or unwed mothers. Republican Jesus cares more for Tim Tebow than he does Tim Blafrican or a starving girl in Ethiopia. He cares more about who wins a Grammy than he does about people in poverty-stricken Africa lacking food and clean water. It is this Jesus I hate.
    This Jesus, no matter the circumstance, demands that a woman carry her fetus to term. If it is the child of a rapist, afflicted with a serious birth defect, or the product of incest, it matters not. This Jesus is pro-life. All fetuses must be born but once born the church or society in general care nothing about that child. Republican Jesus and his followers will let that same baby starve, go un-educated, and deny it medical care. This same Jesus supports the incarceration of poor young men of color, often for no other crime than trying to survive. Republican Jesus is an asshole. I hate Republican Jesus.
    It is this Jesus who lets billions of people be born into cultures that worship other Gods and then says it is their fault they’re born at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Republican Jesus says: “Too bad. Burn forever in the Lake of Fire.”
    Perhaps there is a Jesus somewhere that I could respect, a Jesus who might merit my devotion. For now, all I see is a Republican Jesus who is worthy of derision, mockery and hate. Yes, hate. When the Jesus who genuinely loves humanity and cares for the least of these shows up, let me know. In the meantime, I hate Republican Jesus.

  5. Thank God we we are seeing an exorcism in the United States, and it is n Trump being exorcised from our midst. Thank u Jesus for protecting the 17 investigations into this criminal president, his criminal family, and this criminal administration. Go Mueller Go!!!