Breaking Prophetic News: Pentecost & The Assault On Our Religious Liberties (Pt. 1)

The past month has been a month of firsts! It was the first time America as a nation was shut down, and also a first for the church in the United States as they observed Passover instead of celebrated it. Pentecost, which is 50 days after Easter, falls on May 31st this year and I talked to an economist who said that if the American recovery is to happen at all, businesses need to reopen by May 31st. I believe we as Christians are the decisive actors in this drama.

There's other news coming from the blue states. Kansas City Mayor, Quinton Lucas (D), just warned every church to be prepared to turn in “a detailed list of every person who enters their building for services, including name, phone number, and address, so city officials can use it for surveillance and tracking purposes. Failure to comply could result in UP TO 6 MONTHS IN JAIL and the CHURCH being completely SHUT DOWN.”

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14 thoughts on “Breaking Prophetic News: Pentecost & The Assault On Our Religious Liberties (Pt. 1)

  1. Lance we are following your videos closely the past 6 weeks.
    The last video is cut off as you are making your final point.
    Is the entire video available ?
    Christie Greenway
    Kennett, Missouri

  2. Please let people know about organizations/ministries that are “fighting for our liberties” and that they can get involved in “doing something”. There are many, among them are: Liberty Counsel, ACLJ, Family Research Center, Concerned Women for America, FL Family Policy, and others. They all need people to become involved and active and there are many different levels of participation.

  3. soooooo blessed and edified by your podcasts and your wonderful sense of humor in the troubling days we are living thru!!

  4. Thank you Lance for all you share! It is stirring people into action!

    I tried to pull up the website for the Hand Shield by David Nolan but cannot seem to get it to pull up. Suggestions?

  5. I am from Australia and I thank you for this message and wish we could have someone awaken our people down under. Look forward to watching you in the limited future we have left.

  6. Lance, we have been following you for about four weeks now and are just so blessed. I am sharing you on Nextdoor Neighbor. We live in a retirement community and this is such perfect for them.

    Thank you so much, may Jesus continue to bless as you open your mouth to enlighten us.

  7. Hi Lance and fellow-readers. Love, Peace, and resurrection Power in Jesus Christ to you all. Thanks Lance for your site, the teaching on Sid Roth, and your Youtube teaching, and last but not least your passion and humour. We have only recently started watching/reading your stuff, and it makes us lament for our beautiful nation, Aotearoa (New Zealand) in the South Pacific. (The ‘isles’, (Isaiah)) You’ve pulled back the veil and alerted us to the reality of ‘Nations’, and sheep/goat status before Heaven, the way this nation has treated Israel with disdain, and lamely followed the UN party line, the indecent haste Parliament to pass abortion legislation at the start of lock-down from the Wuhan Virus, in past years the arrogant law changes for homosexual marriage, prostitution law (so-called) ‘reform’, among other satanically inspired legislation changes. The latest is for the Wuhan Virus re-opening of society after lock-down, the diminished use of cash, ‘signing in’ at shops, malls, and then, pubs – up to 50 people, funerals, 50 people, CHURCHES – 10 PEOPLE!!! Yes, this little detail is not lost on believers, and lastly, instead of ‘pie in the sky’ theory, steak on the plate’ reality check for our New Zealand Church, and the need for a clear Prophetic voice in our nation, that can perform the works of the Kingdom as in Acts 13.11, so that there is a fear of God before their eyes. Power to ya.