1932284_10152283089584936_1968160682_nWATCH WORD

I'm bouncing around on a plane into Jacksonville Fla. and setting up this post. While the Post statement “use your words” is powerfully true I invite you to consider an idea…. What about the spiritually charged words spoken against you?

Join together with your spouse or someone in Covenant with you and BREAK EVERY UNLAWFUL UTTERANCE that has ever been spoken over your life!

Who knows what prophecies were right and which were totally off? Who knows what curses, hexes and spells have been hurled against you? Suppose you are delivered from 99% of them? How many arrows does it take to hit your home and do damage? How about just one?

Ever think about the “psychic prayers” of Christians? These are the prayers made against you by believers who think they are praying by the Spirit.

Every now and then you need to do a house cleaning, and “unauthorized utterances” are the tools of the devil as surely as anointed utterances are ours!



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